How To Select Promo Products To Engage Your Customers.

If you manage to inspire your customer and make their life easier, you will win the game.

1. Define the objective.

To choose the right promotional product for the campaign decide what your key strategic goal is:
- Change the perception of your brand
- Increase the return rate of your current customers
- Acquire new customers engaging the current community

Define the figures up front in order to track success after the promo campaign.

2. Define the budget.

As soon as you know your budget, focus on promotional products which have high perceived value. Products with high perceived value are characterized by:
- creative design solutions
- high quality
- reflects the lifestyle and interests of your modern customer.

In contrast to an ordinary mug or trinket, promotional products with high perceived value will help you double the ROI of your promotional campaign easier.

“I bet you can’t recall the last time you felt something special when you receive a branded gift. I know you can’t. But I do remember tons of faceless, useless and low quality stuff with logos on it in my trashcan. Imagine someone who instead of giving you a plastic pen, a cheap mug or faceless trinket, gives you a piece of modern art or a smart useful gadget instead.”, says the founder and CEO of Aiia LTD, Andrew Klymenko.

3. What’s your Target Audience?

Promotional products must make sense for the target audience. Collecting demographics (age, sex, family status, etc) is not enough. To select the efficient promo products you must build a portrait of your customer, dive deep in his/her lifestyle and define his/her values.

Here is a set of questions about your TA to answer before selecting a promo gift:

- How do they spend their time?
- Where do they work?
- What would be useful or novel to them?
- What has worked at reaching them in the past?

4. What’s the Message?

Define the message that you want to convey through the promotional gift.
Make sure your promo product communicate the essence and values of your brand.
Eventually, this is the reason why your customer choose you among other products on the market.

5. Focus on true emotions. Convert it into profit.

Give a gift that your customer will appreciate and use in daily life or would even want to collect as a piece of art. If you manage to inspire your customer or make their life easier, you will win the game. Show that you deeply understand what your customer needs. Promotional products with high quality and unique design will help you build relationships with customers in a way that fosters trust and loyalty.

At Aiia our dream is to create promotional products that people all over the world would love to make a collection of and to create promo products worth attention in museums of modern art. This is why our designers create every product from scratch with attention to every detail. Take a look at the stages how a unique promo product is made:

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