Smart Parking Companion

Dash is a tiny Bluetooth device that helps track your car’s parking place and meter time. It automatically saves your car’s location, sets a timer, and guides you back to your parking spot – all to make sure you won’t get a parking ticket. Dash notifies you when you need to get back to your car, even adding in the exact time required to walk to the parking spot.


Smart button

Up to 12-month replaceable
battery life

Led indicator


Smart parking reminder

Car locator guide

Location Map

How to use
  • Download the Dash mobile application.

    Download and install the Dash app.

    App Store or Google Play.

  • How to find where you parked your car

    When you need to find where you parked your car, open the app and choose Map tab. Map tab will show your current location and the location of the car. Please note: in order to show the map, your phone must be connected to the internet. Choose Guide tab to see the direction towards your car, an approximate distance and time needed to walk to the parking spot.

  • How to set up a parking reminder

    As soon as you park your car you can easily set up a reminder when you should get back to make sure you won’t get a parking ticket. Open Parking tab and select either one of standard timers or set up a custom duration. You will receive a notification 5 minutes before your parking time runs out.

  • How to set up Smart Reminder

    When setting up a parking reminder, you can enable Smart Reminder option. When smart Reminder is on, Dash will calculate the distance between you and your car, and the time needed to walk back. Understanding how far you are, Dash will notify you just in time to get back to the car. If Smart Reminder is off or you are close to your car, it will notify you 5 minutes prior to the end of parking timer.

  • How to set up reminder via notification

    After you leave your car, you will receive a silent notification about your parking time. You can swipe it and tap “View” to check out options: either default or custom parking reminder.

  • How to use 3D Touch *

    You can set up a parking reminder without even opening the app using iPhone 3D Touch gesture – 3D Touch on Dash app icon and select a default timer duration. *For iPhone only.

  • How to change the battery

    Dash lasts for up to 8 months with a single CR2450 battery. It’s a standard battery that can be easily changed. To change the battery, gently rotate the upper part of plastic body of the Dash device counter-clockwise. You will see the battery slot – now replace the battery, put back the upper part and rotate clockwise. Your Dash will be launched automatically.

Technical specifications

Bluetooth LE 4.0

Replaceable battery CR 2450 Working time: 6 to 12 months

Materials: ABS plastic, aluminum

Size: Ø45 x 10.7 mm

Weight: 25 g

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