Bluetooth speaker with flexible mount

Bluetooth speaker with flexible mount. Ultra-portable speaker for any adventures — it has a built-in microphone and its unique flexible “tail” mount is designed to be completely universal in any situation. Easily fix Divenamic on a bike wheel, shower head or a bag and enjoy music whenever you want!

innovative flexible



How to use
  • ​Turn on / off

    Hold the play button for 2 seconds to turn on / off Divenamic.

    Use the flexible tail to mount Divenamic wherever you want.

  • ​Connect Divenamic to your device

    Activate Bluetooth on your phone, laptop or another device and choose Divenamic (or another name) among available Bluetooth devices.

    Now Divenamic is ready to play your favorite music.

  • ​Control the volume

    Press and hold the "+/ -" button for 2 seconds to increase or decrease the volume.

  • ​Switch tracks

    Press the "+/ -" button to switch the next / previous tracks.

  • ​Accept the call

    Press play button to accept call.

  • Charge Divenamic

    Plug Divenamic USB connector into USB power source to charge it.

Technical specifications

Max power output: 3W

Bluetooth: v2.0

Bluetooth working range: up to 10m

Built-in microphone

Battery: 250mAh, Li-Pol

Working time: 3+ hours

Charging time: ~1 hour

Built-in charging cable

Material: ABS plastic + silicone

Size: 200x53x31 mm

Weight: 70 g

If you have more questions, we're here to help