Smart bluetooth finder

FIND-E is a smart device that helps you keep track of your most important belongings. It instantly alerts you if you leave your keys, wallet or nearly anything else behind. FIND-E makes it easier to find your things or a phone, and can be used as a remote camera shutter button. Download application from App store or Google Play.

FIND-E keychain:

up to 80 m working range

90 DB sound alert volume

Up to 9 months
replaceable battery life

FIND-E iOS & Android app:

anti-lost instant alerts

Item and phone finder

Remote selfie button

How to use
  • Download the application

    Download and install “FIND-E” application and follow on screen instructions:

    App Store or Google Play.

  • Turn on / off

    Hold Find-E button for 5 seconds to turn on / off your device.

  • Locate your phone with FIND-E

    Press the FIND-E button to make your phone beep.

    Press the FIND-E button again to stop the beeping once you’ve found your phone.

    Your phone will beep even if it’s on silent mode, so you’ll be able to find it in seconds.

    FIND-E app notification volume is adjusted through phone media volume settings.

  • Use FIND-E as a camera shutter button

    Make sure your FIND-E is connected.

    Select “Remote camera button” in app settings.

    Push Find-E button to take a photo.

  • Set up a silent WI-Fi area

    You can automatically mute such areas as home or office.

    Toggle “Silent Wi-Fi Area“ in app settings.

    Now you won’t receive notification from Find-E while your phone is within the silent area.

    Once you leave the circle, Find-E will automatically switch on.

  • Use “Do not disturb” mode

    If you want to stop Find-E from tracking and notifying you for a while, use “Do not disturb” mode.

    Tap Find-E avatar to turn off tracking, and tap again to turn it back.

    Once you turn “Do not disturb” mode off, Find-E will automatically reconnect and start tracking again.

  • Change the battery

    Gently press on the front plate and rotate counterclockwise.

    Remove the front plate and change the battery.

    Put the front plate back, press and rotate it clockwise.

  • Reset Find-E application and keychain

    In some cases, you might need to reset your Find-E and your smartphone. For example, if you want to unpair your Find-E and your smartphone.

    To reset Find-E keychain - hold Find-E button for 7 sec.
    To reset Find-E application - push Reset in the setting menu (left upper corner).

Technical specifications

Bluetooth LE 4.0

Branded CSR chip

Range: up to 100 m

Replaceable battery: CR 2032

Alert volume: 90 db

Materials: ABS plastic, aluminum, TPU

Weight: 10 g

Size: 36х69х9 mm

Apps: iOS & Android

Working time:

standby mode - up to 9 month

active mode - 3+ month

If you have more questions, we're here to help