LED display

random decision

5200 mAh

How to use
  • ​Charge your device

    Plug charging cable of your device into Powerblink USB port and press the button to charge your device.

  • ​Control battery level

    Press the button to check current battery level: 10 stands for 100%, 9 stands for 90-99%, 8 stands for 80-89% and so on.

  • ​Charge Powerblink

    Plug the charging cable into Powerblink microUSB port to charge it.

  • ​Use as a random decision maker

    Ask a Yes / No question. Press the button twice to find out the answer: Y stands for Yes, N - for No, M - for Maybe.

Technical specifications

Battery: 5200 mAh, Li-ion

Output: 5.0V/2.1A

Charging cable: USB to microUSB

Material: ABS plastic + aluminium

Size: 99x44.2x24.1 mm

Weight: 164 g

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