Twin charger

The perfect car charger

Twin Charger is the most stylish and irreplaceable car accessory.

It features two USB ports with 2.4A total output. It allows you to charge two devices simultaneously, in the most beautiful way possible.

dual port design

2.4A / 3.1A total output

overheat and overcharge protection

How to use
  • ​Get started

    Plug Twin Charger directly into your car’s DC connector.

    Led indicator shows that the car charger is connected.

  • Charge your device

    Plug charging cable of your device into any Twin Charger USB port.

    Charge your device at high speed with the main port (output up to 2.4A).

    The additional port supports up to 1A.

  • ​Charge two devices simultaneously

    Plug charging cables of two devices into Twin Charger USB ports.

    In this case 2.4A ouput will be divided between 2 devices.

Technical specifications

2 USB ports

Input voltage: 12V~24V

Output (main port): 5V, 2.4A (max)

Output (2nd port): 5V, 1A

Overcharge protection

Overheat protection

Materials: ABS plastic + textile + metal

LED indicator

Weight: 21 g

Size: 79x46x24 mm

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