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aiia - not just another promo gifts company

Unique in-house design

Most of promotional products are standard items sold year after year. They are way too old now to surprise customers who see new cool gadgets coming out on Kickstarter or Producthunt every other day.

We create, design and prototype aiia products in-house. A team of creative designers works hard to deliver creative yet highly functional and ergonomic items.

New. Trendy. In demand

At aiia we combine beautiful ergonomic design with market trends, graphs and researches.

Launching new product every 3 months we always stay on top of promotional market demand curve.

We know what's trendy and we know what customers love.

High standards all the way

Innovation is saying no to a thousand things. To poor materials. To crocked shapes. To cheap low-quality stuff.

We do things differently. We invest in testing, quality control, high quality materials and production quality.

We invest in new functionality and applications. We develop technologies and processes that would allow to create promotional products of a retail quality at market price.

WOW your clientele
with aiia promotional products!

Aiia is the Design House featuring 12 perfectly designed innovative promotional products. Products with WOW effect. Products that are unique. Products that build genuine emotional connections. Products that pass bright positive emotions to the Brand.

Get aiia catalogue
Get your copy of beautiful aiia catalogue

Thank you for contacting aiia. We will be in touch right away!

Duality Sync-&-Charge Tablet

Build your brand in customers’ everyday life with multi-purpose device. Designed in aiia’s state-of-art style, this ultra-compact light-weighted item serves as charger and data-cable for over 100 devices!

Bluetooth NoUfos Powerful speaker with microphone

Fine lines, fancy geometry, perfect sound. Guess what's that? This is compact Bluetooth speaker producing 5W of high-quality sound. Insert a Micro SD card and use it as MP3 player. Connect it to your smartphone and use it as speakerphone. All together it makes it a perfect gift!

Bluetooth Ssssspeaker Silicone sensation

Full stretch with the most flexible speaker ever! Incredibly practical: durable, folding to the size of hockey puck, providing 3 types of sound (standard, diffused and muted), it spreads dozens of positive emotions and happiness.

PowerStick Power Bank Everything but standard

Power Stick is a unique power bank created by aiia. Ergonomic lines, easy to handle and beautifully designed. Fitting any bag, serving additionally as a torch and stand for a smartphone.

PowerMemo Power Bank / USB One device for 2 continual tasks

Everyday bustle gets more regulate and predictable with OTG Power bank. Combining a small charger with an iOS/Win USB drive, this is your all-in-one lifesaving device. You can choose storage capacity up to 32 Gb, and fully charge your phone by means of the powerbank. The device fits easily even into the palm of a child, so you can take it with you literally anywhere.

Candy USB Shape that makes a difference

An excellent way to express a passion for a favorite indulgence. Sweets wrapper form makes you enjoy the way it looks and hard body keeps the data safe!

PowerBeeep Finder & Power Bank Ergonimic day-to-day helper

Power Beeep combines 2 most important devices that every modern person needs - a power bank and a finder. Thanks to an application installed on your iPhone/Android you can connect to Power Beep via bluetooth and make it beep/vibrate or light up with LED light. Fix it to your keychain – to be able to find your keys even in most surprising spots! And if your phone battery is going low, simply use Power Beeep to charge it.

Aluminum Talisman Stylish keychain for event marketing

A classic gift in modern execution. Solid 100% aluminum keychain with a perfect lace brings customer from offline to online. The trick is in the QR-code on the front side. It directs customers to the web-page, Facebook page, calendar, wireless network etc. It is even possible to engrave a unique promo-code on each piece in the lot!

Clever Clover Watch Unique glass shape. Beautiful simplicity.

Try another one touchtastic timepiece by aiia. 100% aluminium touch screen watch features unconventional shape. Enjoy special bonus: the perfect dial-plate looking exactly like the edge of iphone5!

Neverlose USB So simple. So thoughtfully designed.

Never lose your data again! This high-capacity and trendy USB flash drive can be attached safely to a belt, bag or keychain with its innovative lace. No cap, so don’t worry about forgetting it.

Nota Musical Flash Drive Smart concept. Emotional connections.

100% innovative device to make your brand even more recognised every time when connected nota will play your preloaded brand jingle. Additionally, this unique flash drive has soft led light around the logo creating gamesome holiday mood.

Moderntronic Watch The simplest experience ever

Try touchtastic timepieces by aiia. This touch-screen button-less watch is made of 100% aluminum. Take a look on the perfect dial-plate – it looks and touches exactly like the edge of iphone 5!

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Care taking and quality control

Product materials & Certificates

Materials we use in production do not contain any hazardous substances. This is confirmed by RoHS and CE certification. But we are not doing this for the sake of certification.
Quality materials a must.

Testing & Evaluation

Testing is caring. We perform multiple tests to ensure delightful product experience.

We test products for strength and durability, conveniece of holding and wearing, water resistance, sounding, mount and day-to-day usage experience.And of course, all of us use aiia products.From keychain to speaker, we are thebiggest addicts of aiia brand.

Quality Control

We have 4 rounds of quality check. Rough materials check before production, electronic testing after assembling, quality control in the middle of production cycle, and product production check.

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Latest case studies

Power bank for L'oreal
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Speaker for Microsoft
Power bank for Mastercard

Creative minds and great partners!

At aiia we invest lots of time, passion and efforts into creation of beautiful highly-branded unique promotional products. And we are ready to share!

We offer 35-40% discount for aiia resellers and distributors along with marketing support, customization support, sampling and much more. There’s nothing that we can’t do for you and your clientele.

Brands that we are proud to serve

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At aiia we think that adding just a logo is not enough.
Branding session is a creative brainstorm (similar to creative agency) where we develop the vision of aiia products within your brand and it's strategical goals, or specific marketing

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