The Aiia Partner Program

Grow your distribution business
with Aiia innovative promotional products

Become a distributor of Aiia promo products and make 2x your profit margin versus selling generic promo stuff. We provide you with award-winning promo products produced completely in-house from the initial concept to mass production. We take care of your operating process — marketing materials and customization. Our B2B sales experts work with you every step of the way and help you make successful deals.

What you get

Unique Design
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Unique Design

Our goal is to create promo products that people love and use in their daily life. That’s why we create Aiia promo gifts in-house with attention to every detail.

It’s time you stand out on the promo market with something special.
Start selling Aiia original promotional products & win more new deals.

At your request we create promo products from scratch —
exclusively for your client.

2x your margin
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2x your margin

Due to unique design, quality and functions
Aiia promotional products have a high perceived value.

This enables you to double your profit margin
and still attract brands like Google, Amazon, MasterCard, and more.

Optimized operating & sales process
Optimized operating & sales process

We provide you with everything you need to win the deal with minimum efforts:
from a set of marketing materials to a wide range of advanced branding options,
both software and hardware.

The Aiia experienced B2B sales experts support you 24/7
and help you close your deals.

Why partner with Aiia?

For more than 10 years we’ve collaborated with the most influential distributors in the promo gifts market. Our distributors have a lot of success stories that we are proud of.

We want people enjoy Aiia promo products in their everyday life.That’s why we pay attention to every detail in design and conduct multi level quality check on the production stage.

Drive your distribution business with innovative promo products that people love.