they say

aiia transforms a utilitarian
gadget into an interactive
and entertaining object


the creative minds
of Kiev-based aiia


aiia product is a perfect
reasonably priced match for
outdoor, office and home use

about us

In aiia we create

promo -

we could have said here that we work in corporate merchandise, and hit you right away with a dozen of phrases you are already too familiar with. like all those wholesale promotional products. or personalized promotional items. and even a promotional printing.

we could also say that our custom promotional items are cool & outstanding, even unique and creative. thus businesses should like to work with us as a promotional products supplier and order them for their clients. but we will say something different.

gifts are just things. too often they are ordinary things. those things do not make people happy. they tend to be lost in their pockets, apartments and wastebaskets. the luckiest get lost in memories. for a thing to make someone happy, even just for a moment, a merchandise with logo must be a masterpiece.

that is why

making gifts is an art

you can say, ‘hey, this is market! we do business – you do promotional products for business!’ and let us talk here!

we have been creating promotional merchandise for successful businesses for over 10 years already. and you know what? we have never seen the market! really, there are only people everywhere. like you, and like us. and people do not need ordinary promo items (well, please, trust us, we did a lot of research and all those market measurement!)

people want to
inspire and be

this often happens when they touch something perfect that is creatively designed. simple small magic. people want to be happy. and this happens when they feel the magic. and believe, some promo products do this magic!

actually, each of
our 12 products
does it

this is why we bring art and magic to what we do. we initiate, we donate, we take responsibility, we listen, we live, we create. and we are here for long, ready to fight mills and find those who want to fight them with us. moreover, we are fully prepped to fight them efficiently to create truly hit promotional products, if we are talking in business terms here. cause we do know how to convert inspiration into outstanding customized promotional items, which would bring

more loyalty and
more sales for
our clients

yes, we may seem too noble-minded in what we dream about. but we are real beasts in what we do for our dreams to come true. cause creating 5 design concepts of a USB flash drive is how we work. launching unique promotional products on a 3rd day of every month is how we work. spending 6 months to make the lace for an advertising promotional product flawlessly smooth is how we work.

'ok' is good but
we long for
' wow' - that is how we work

We really get high about where the world is going. we are hooked on speedy innovations. and we want to drive them in the personalized promotion products industry, not just strive for them.

As every gift is a possible piece of someone’s happiness, in aiia we do create only inspiring, exclusive, original ones.

Contact us to get more information about promotional items by aiia in UK, Germany and other countries:
UK: +44 203 642 0346
Poland: +48 22 206 2113
Other countries: +38 044 580 88 00