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Can you imagine your life without music? We hardly imagine our lives like this, though some 150 years ago it used to be an exclusive entertainment. Today music surrounds us all day through. It seems that music is everywhere: in hotels and cafes, shopping malls and gyms, in the car and in public transport, in the shower after jogging and in SPA. However there are a lot of places and occasions when there is no music while it is in a big need.

Look, portable speakers can be used on the beach or during outdoor picnic, in the classroom during breaks or romantic walks! Some speakers may be even used as a loudspeaker! So there is quiet a number of occasions when an owner of small portable speaker will demonstrate a logo to friends or colleagues. Isn’t it cool when it is your logo there? That’s why portable mini speaker is a great promo gift.

However it is a challenge to find mini portable speaker with quality sound. Therefore aiia invests a lot of time and efforts developing high-quality advertising products. Our purpose is uniqueness and quality. aiia believes that clients should have only the best portable speakers to be sure that these products will be used all the time.

To cut a long story short, let’s talk about best portable Bluetooth speakers aiia offers. Meet NoUFOs, the loudest portable speaker in the world! It features fancy design and thought-out user experience. We even added anti-slip rubber so that it would stand still while performing the deepest beats! Apart from it, NoUFOs has a built-in microphone and a microSD card slot, so this mini Bluetooth speaker can be used as loudspeaker and MP3 player. Besides all that, it is possible to customize the color and finishing of speaker’s body, color of anti-slip rubber and even sounds it produces while switching on and off or connecting!

Another product aiia is proud of is portable speaker made of silicone called SSSSSpeaker. Its foldable silicone amplifier resembles an emergency cup and allows to change a type of sound by changing the speaker’s form. SSSSSpeaker is available in both Bluetooth and wired version (with 3.5 mm audio jack connector). For Bluetooth version we offer a logo engraving with customizable enlightening, while wired version features a printed logo with blue light around it. If you are looking for the best portable Bluetooth speakers, come and see aiia’s collection!

First USB flash drive was produced in mid 90s had a ridiculous capacity and cost a fortune. Twenty years later we hardly can do without USB memory sticks and store gigabytes of music, video and other files there.

Nowadays branded USB sticks are the most wanted promotional gift in the world and TOP-5 among most frequently ordered gifts. Personalized flash drives are extremely popular among educational events producers, trade show participants, professional service firms and many B2B companies. It can also be a good idea for advertising campaign. Firstly, promotional USBs are an excellent medium to deliver data (presentations, videos, photos etc). Secondly, flash drives are really frequently used and have a viral effect.

Promotional USB drives seem to be rather standard. However aiia’s philosophy is to create wow-things. So instead of creating just another branded memory stick we were looking for a new idea every day, every hour and every minute to surprise you and your customers.

For example, Candy is a promotional USB stick made of metal. Our designer and engineers created a fancy shape of sweets wrapper, so the logo printing would be visible from any angle. The body shape allows to build-in up to 64Gb memory.

NeverLose, another model of branded USB sticks by aiia available in UK, is a slider pen drive and keychain. Besides of bright and noticeable colors, excellent possibilities for colors and logo customization, up to 32Gb capacity it features an ingenious and stylish lace. Engineered to attach a pen drive to keys, belt, bag or favorite jeans it makes impossible to lose the stick. Cool, isn’t it? These personalized memory sticks safely store an important content of you clients and your brand stay with them for a long-long time. We won!

USB drives is an absolutely winning idea for corporate gifts. Explore our collection of outstanding promo gifts in UK and enjoy aiia!

Getting things done! It is a motto of successful people and aiia’s motto too.

It is said that lost time is never found again. Here, in aiia, we understand that our clients and clients of our clients value every moment and prefer not to waste time. Therefore watches are always a good idea for promo gifts! Firstly, each promotional watch is used several times per day, so each client sees a brand logo several times per day. Secondly, they have a viral effect.

Every year companies produce over 1 billion of wristwatches. The majority of watch wholesale companies offer is simple quartz watches. However the share of design LED and smart watches is dramatically growing these days.

aiia offers several models of promotional watches for different occasions. If you are looking for a high-end promo product, then an aluminum touch-screen watch Moderntronic could be an incredible idea! Cutting-edge design, metal watch case and silicon band make it a good match for business gift, gifts for loyalty programs and promo activities or even for team-building events.

Clever Clover is another metal watch model with touch-screen technology. Its aluminum water-resistant case increases durability, while fancy design adds positive emotions!

Whatever you are looking for either a futuristic smart watch, touch-screen watch or digital watch with metal band, meet aiia’s collection of promotional watches!

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our everyday life. Do you remember that feeling when your phone is not working? It is a panic! You feel helpless! However it wasn't this way even 10 years ago.

Mobile era have begun in 1983, when first Motorola models were launched. Do you remember those big and heavy gadgets resembling bricks with antenna or an old-school radio? Nowadays smartphones are smaller, lighter and cheaper. Cell phones made communication quicker, simpler, easier. Development of telecommunication gave boost to a new industry and the cluster of mobile phone accessories suppliers appeared.

This industry became a new religion just in a few years. People are waiting not only for new models of smartphones but are eager to get a new device for their phone. Youngsters are crazy for cute cases and portable speakers. Business people buy external batteries and Bluetooth speakerphones. Joggers are looking for health-related mobile phone accessories. Geeks are eager to have a USB flash drive for smartphone. Everyone out of 3,3 billion of people using cell phone would love to have an accessory for their gadgets.

No matter what your core business is, mobile phone accessories are the best promotional gift ever.

aiia understands its pretty well, that’s why we developed series of mobile phone accessories for promotional purposes.

First one is Duality. It is universal sync and charge cable in tiny and elegant body. It features an iOS lightning and a microUSB plugs, so it is a universal accessory for iPhone, Android, other smartphones (e.g. Blackberry and Windows phone), external HDDs and hands-free. There is a USB connector so you can plug it into computer or connect to circuit via USB to AC connector.

Another one is a power bank. This is an external battery of high capacity, which allows you to make up to 3 full charges of the smartphone or 1-1.5 of your tablet.

NoUFOs speaker is a wonderful accessory for mobile users as it serves as speakerphone.

Contact us to get more details about wholesale mobile phone accessories by aiia.

We open doors with the keys every day. We just get the key holder out of a pocket and insert a key into a keyhole and turn it. Meanwhile every bunch of keys has its own story.

Archeologists say that each prosperous citizen in the Middle Ages had the long chain for keys with coins and charms on it attached to a belt.

Today keychain is still in vogue! Some people attach silver charms, funny toys and USB flash drives to bunches of keys to express themselves. Some people use key rings to find the right key in the bag easily.

According to researches, keychain is the most popular advertising gift in the world. They are small, cheap and surprisingly useful! Promotional key chains are often used as giveaway during conference and trade shows. Wholesale key chains can be used to present to winners of contests in Facebook or company employees. Some companies order custom key chains for internal purposes: they attach them to room and locker keys to organize an access to premises.

So people willingly attach key chains to their keys, companies use them for advertising, and aiia helps both of them.

Meet aiia’s collection of promotional key chains.

Unique and unusual design of keychain by aiia is making life brighter, while technology adds extra functionality to seemingly ordinary things. For example, keychain may contain a memory card, like aiia’s NeverLose. A simple QR-code engraved or printed on the aluminum keychain Talisman turn it into the most technological give-away in the world. You may direct your customers to a website or business card.

Do you agree that keychain is an ideal promo gift? Explore aiia’s collection of promotional key rings.

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