7 killer ways to grow the distribution business exponentially

Must-read for the successful distributor.

For more than 10 years, we collaborated with the most influential distributors in the promo market. Our distributors have a lot of success stories that we are proud of. We want to share these 7 success tips with other industry players to drive the promotional products market to the whole new level.

The core issue of the industry is that brands traditionally invest millions in generic promotional products. But people never appreciate this stuff.

The successful distributor has something different to offer. To earn high margin and grow the distribution business you have to provide innovative promotional products that people love. You will make a successful deal if your products help the brand communicate with customers far after giveaways, increase the customer retention rate and therefore increase the client’s profits (up to 50% according McKinsey & Company).

1. Deliver better value through unique design of the promotional product. If distributor A offers ordinary ideas at a lower margin than distributor B, but distributor B features more innovative design, distributor B will provide a better value and ultimately win the deal.

2. Build a strong reputation with high quality standards. You should select suppliers who use safe and long-lasting materials. Otherwise, you will lose the game.

3. Focus on the end user. Select products people really want and would use for a long time. This is what any brand owner is looking for.

4. Find exclusive solutions. Customized products created from scratch is the rising new demand of the promo market in 2017. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your client’s brand communication even more personalized and therefore more efficient.

5. Focus on new technologies, such as smart promotional products, augmented reality and mobile items. McKinsey estimates the total Internet of things market size will grow to $3.7B in 2020. You must embrace this new trend for your distribution businesses to grow.

6. Don’t waste time hunting for new suppliers whenever you need a new product. Build relationships with suppliers who can provide new promotional products on a regular basis.

7. Choose carefully not only the promotional products, but also the people you work with. Your supplier should provide you with experts who are highly committed, flexible and ready to deliver enabling program and marketing toolkit. Optimize your operating and sales processes as much as possible with the help of the supplier.

It’s time you stand out in the promo market. Take your distribution business to the whole new level with unique products that people love.

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