Success formula to stand out on the promo market.
Exclusive review by Aiia’s founder Andrew Klymenko.

First of all, deliver the promotional product that will ensure quality & engaging communication with the end customer.

I bet you can’t recall the last time you felt something special when you receive a branded gift. I know you can’t. But I do remember tons of faceless, useless and low quality stuff with logos on it in my trashcan. Imagine someone who instead of giving you a plastic pen, a cheap mug or faceless trinket, gives you a piece of modern art or a smart useful gadget instead.

There’s a lot of advice out there about how to grow distribution business. And while it’s true that choosing a unique promotional product that differ at least a bit from the generic cheap products is the key to success, distribution business isn’t just about delivering products with the branded area. To stand out on the promo market, there’s another outcome that successful distributors should be paying more attention to: delivering a better value for brands through promotional products that ensure quality and engaging communication with the end customer; during and far after a marketing campaign.

We’ve worked with such brands as Google, Amazon, MasterCard and more. To create the next promotional product that will deliver engaging communication we start by asking brand managers to reflect on their best promo campaigns and answer a question: What kind of promotional products do you want to invest most of all?
This question typically elicits answers like these:

1. “The promotional products that perfectly complemented character of our brand. Facilitated our brand communication to consumer.


  • “We need promotional products that make our customers surprised and enlightened by the design and quickly convinced by the high quality.”
  • “Promotional products that people enjoy using.”
  • “We needed quality motivational gift that will help us support transformations in our company.”
We need exclusive custom tailored gifts for our loyalty programs. It should be a hit for our VIP clients.
In other words, emotions and engaging brand communication are the two key factors for any successful distributor who’s looking for a new product for the Client.

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