Watch an Innovative Promo Product Come to Life

Here’s a story of 13 designs, 3 concepts, one unique tech promo item and what it takes to deliver a great promo product.

This is not an ode to Aiia, our products speak for themselves. Reading this article will change your understanding of what actually makes a unique and innovative promo product.
So here’s a story of 13 designs, 3 concepts, one unique tech promo item and what it takes to deliver a great promo product.

How We Shape Ideas
In the beginning, there was a need. A need for a tracker, that would be as good and functional as its retail analog.
Our international куыуarch and development team decided to create a product that will be just as useful to the end customer as a retail tracker, with a design so good they’d want to use it instead of their retail tracker.
So it begins...

Where does innovative product come from? First one has to analyze what’s already there. We took 10 popular Bluetooth trackers that exist on the promo and retail market. We’ve tested them to see how different they are and what weak spots could be enhanced for a better user experience.
As we tested other gadgets we focused on basic criteria
Volume - how loud the sound is;
Range - how far can it track the keys;
Battery - what is the durability of the battery, is it replaceable or not;

During these tests, our developers followed every step of the way with precision. How obstacles like walls affect the signal, is Bluetooth connection interrupted because of the low-quality elements, can you hear the sound of the key finder over other surroundings sounds, and, finally, how user-friendly is the app?
We questioned ourselves, what could be the elements, that would increase the quality of the product and still be cost-effective? So we improved battery, bluetooth connectivity, our app is stylish, minimalistic and easy-to-use.

Enhancing the Ordinary
Many people are wondering what does it take to stand out in line of similar products nowadays? We know, that key finder is a popular promotional technology product and to satisfy even the most demanding customer, there has to be a twist, something more than enhanced basics.
Unique changes no-one else thought of
What is the first thing that you do with a tracker?
You think of where you place it. Usually, there’s only one option available, since most of them are designed in a tile shape or with a metal ring. Wouldn’t it be easier and more comfortable, if you could decide where to clip it and ease the clipping and unclipping?

Three designs and tens of scetches later the problem was solved and now users can enjoy universal and convenient silicone lace, that you can clip to your keys and re-clip to a backpack or any other item in seconds.
Now that you’ve clipped Find-E to your keys, what do you do?
Obviously, you’d want to try it out so let’s lose those keys.
Expecting to hear monotonous or stressful car alarm-like sound? Relax, our creative team fixed this problem too. Quite some time was spent on a sound adjustment and now Find-E has the sound more pleasant and less generic, but nevertheless loud and clear.

Cherry on Top
Holding a compact branded Find-E in your hand, you’ll feel a little button. That’s a twist I was talking about earlier - remote selfie button for every person out there who enjoys sharing the best moments with the world.

What makes an innovative product? A team of highly devoted guys, desire to surprise customers, thorough research and creative problem solving. That’s how Aiia works on every gadget we create, and that’s why our great promo products become brand ambassadors for millions of people.

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