Promotional products powered by emotions


In aiia we dream to change the promo gifts industry.

We dream about WOW activities with WOW promotional products. That’s why we started our business to offer you WOW yet useful gifts with logo printing.

When you are planning a campaign involving promo products with logo you should remember about 2 things.

Firstly, it is a selection of the product itself. What type of product fits your campaign in the best way, what features should be there, what level of quality should it have etc.

Secondly, as far as your aim is to present a product with a logo to consumer so that he or she would use it for a long time, you should pay attention to logo printing. Your logo should be visible but not irritating. Quality of printing or engraving or embossing should be high, so that logo would stay for a long time. And of course, logo should look exactly like in the brand book!

Logo items are just a part of the communication mix, but often this small part stays with consumer for a long time and makes 80% of brand perception.