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How many mobile devices on average people use during a day? 2? 3? Or maybe even 4? How many times smartphone’s battery (or tablet or speaker or headset) run unexpectedly down during a working week? We swear consumers would love to charge their phones on the go. Is there an elegant solution to this challenge?

In fact, the solution exists for several years. It is called power bank.

In some countries it is extremely popular device, in others people just start taking advantages of it. Most of producers offer 2 types of batteries – emergency chargers and high-capacity external batteries.

Emergency chargers can slightly charge your smartphone just to make it work for several hours more. Those models are low capacity, though they are small and light.

High-capacity power banks do 2.5-3 full charges of a smartphone or 1-1.5 full charges of a tablet. They are bigger than emergency models but more functional, of course.

The most widely spread model is external battery case. This is a case for mobile phone with built-in battery. Some people consider it too bulky and heavy. Also those cases are not universal – one cannot use it with smartphone and tablet. Portable power banks connecting to any device with a cable are a smarter alternative to cases.

There exist even non-standard models. For instance, there are a lot of models combining alkaline batteries with solar ones. Also producers offer solar power banks. Those devices appeared when eco trend started gaining popularity. Also it is a good choice for hikers.

Researchers from the Korean leading scientific and technical institute (KAIST) created the external phone battery charger by means of a human body's heat. It is a real wow, isn’t it? Engineers say that external battery chargers will be applied to cars, plants and even planes in the future.

Rechargeable power banks are a must for business people, yuppies and youngsters. So external battery pack becomes an excellent thing for advertising!

aiia offers a powerbank for promotional purposes. Apart from a high capacity battery it has a built-in pocket flashlight. Due to its form it can be used as a supporter for smartphone or tablet. So due to functionality and minimalistic design this 3-in-1 device will be used quiet often by end-client.

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