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First USB flash drive was produced in mid 90s had a ridiculous capacity and cost a fortune. Twenty years later we hardly can do without USB memory sticks and store gigabytes of music, video and other files there.

Nowadays branded USB sticks are the most wanted promotional gift in the world and TOP-5 among most frequently ordered gifts. Personalized flash drives are extremely popular among educational events producers, trade show participants, professional service firms and many B2B companies. It can also be a good idea for advertising campaign. Firstly, promotional USBs are an excellent medium to deliver data (presentations, videos, photos etc). Secondly, flash drives are really frequently used and have a viral effect.

Promotional USB drives seem to be rather standard. However aiia’s philosophy is to create wow-things. So instead of creating just another branded memory stick we were looking for a new idea every day, every hour and every minute to surprise you and your customers.

For example, Candy is a promotional USB stick made of metal. Our designer and engineers created a fancy shape of sweets wrapper, so the logo printing would be visible from any angle. The body shape allows to build-in up to 64Gb memory.

NeverLose, another model of branded USB sticks by aiia available in UK, is a slider pen drive and keychain. Besides of bright and noticeable colors, excellent possibilities for colors and logo customization, up to 32Gb capacity it features an ingenious and stylish lace. Engineered to attach a pen drive to keys, belt, bag or favorite jeans it makes impossible to lose the stick. Cool, isn’t it? These personalized memory sticks safely store an important content of you clients and your brand stay with them for a long-long time. We won!

USB drives is an absolutely winning idea for corporate gifts. Explore our collection of outstanding promo gifts in UK and enjoy aiia!

MOQ 1000 pieces. Wholesale USB sticks and cool usb drives that speak from your brand.

aiia usb sticks can be easily customised to meet your brand corporate style. You can choose any color and have your logo printed on it. Need more sophisticated solution? We are ready to make it happen.