Semrush 14/30 Days Free Trial 2024 ― February Offer

If you are searching for a way to try the premium features of Semrush for free, you’ve landed on the right page.

Semrush offers an exclusive 14-day free trial on their Pro and Guru plans. You can access this exclusive free trial only through the official partners of Semrush, and we are one of them.

We have explained everything about Semrush’s free trial and shared a step-by-step guide to help you claim the offer.

So let’s get started.

Is Semrush 30 Days Free Trial Still Available in 2024?

Semrush reduced the number of their free trial days from 30 to 14 in May 2023. Before that, you could enjoy the premium features of Semrush for 30 days, but now you can only access those features for 14 days

Still, many websites are claiming to offer a 30-day free trial on Semrush; they are only misleading you. Now that’s out, let’s get into the steps to claiming the 14-day free trial on Semrush.

How do you claim Semrush 14-day Free Trial on Pro Plan?

Here we have shared the steps to claiming the 14-day free trial of the Semrush Pro plan.

Step #1: Click on this exclusive link, and you will be redirected to the 14-day free trial of the Semrush Pro subscription page. On the page, you will see the “Try It Free” button; click on it.

Click On The Try It Free Button

Step #2: Now, you must create a new Semrush account using your email address and a strong password.

Create An Account on SEMrush

Step#3: In this final step, you will land on the checkout page, enter the credit card details, and click on Place The Order.

Enter Your Billing Details To Claim The Free Trial

Hurray! You have claimed 14 days of free trial on the Semrush Pro Plan. 

How To Cancel the Semrush Free Trial?

First, you will have to log into your account and then follow these steps:

Step #1: Once you log in, your dashboard will look like the one below.

Semrush Dashboard

Step #2: Click on the profile icon in the top right corner.

Step #3: Click on the subscription info from the options.

Click On Subscription Info

If you’re on a free plan, it will look like this.

Semrush offers various add-ons for you to pay separately whenever needed. Hence, you don’t have the limitations of your subscription packages. You can

From the Subscription info dashboard, you can unsubscribe anytime you like.

Semrush Overview – What Is It?

Semrush is the most prominent online SEO research tool, providing complete insights and information regarding every SEO endeavor. You can audit the competitors’ pages to take inspiration from their tactics.

That’s not all! It has an array of features, optimization tools, and research-oriented applications that always make it easier to stay ahead of the curve. You can optimize your websites, content, and more to rank better. As a result, it has become more of an ace in the industry.


There isn’t any competitor entirely as accurate and thorough as Semrush. It dominates the competition. And anything that dominates the competition has the right to monopolize its services conveniently.

In simple words, Semrush used to offer trials as extended as 60 days, but now, it is improbable that you will ever get offers like those. So, let’s find out everything related to trials and the truthful information available.

Semrush Key Features: 

Semrush offers many robust features to work with, and they occasionally updated its tool with advanced features. Let’s have a look at its features:

  1. Keyword Research: With this feature, you can find the best keyword that supercharges your digital marketing strategy and discover the organic keyword based on the search volume.
  2. Competitor Analysis: Now, you can improve your website performance and increase website traffic with a competitor’s winning strategy.
  3. Domain Overview: You can analyze any domain you want with an overview. You can also get details of authority score, backlinks, organic search traffic, and many more.
  4. Technical SEO Tool: With this feature, you can check the health of your site and get the best ideas to improve your ranking. You can also get tips on content writing, link building, etc.
  5. Link Building: Now, you can monitor your backlink profile and easily clean it up, ensure quality, and avoid Google penalties.

Semrush Pricing Plans

Semrush offers three pricing plans that suit the needs of all users. The three plans are as follows:

Semrush Pricing Plans

Semrush Pro Plan- At $129.95 per month

The Semrush Pro plan is excellent for beginners to find keywords, backlinks analytics, and keyword tracking. However, the plan needs some features, such as historical data analysis. But it would be great for beginners.

Semrush Guru Plan- At $249.95 per month 

Guru plan is excellent for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. With the plan, users can search for the keywords for 15 projects and track up to 500 at once. Moreover, you can also perform backlinks analytics and keyword tracking.

Business Plans- At $499.95 per month 

The business plan is excellent for the company and needs to handle 40 projects simultaneously. Moreover, users can easily track 5,000 keywords simultaneously and leverage other tools.

Keynote: – If you are satisfied with the plans and need bulk research, choose the annual subscription. You can save up to 17% extra on the yearly goals.

Which Semrush Plan Is Best For You? 

Semrush comes with three pricing options, so choosing the right one for yourself can be difficult. That’s why we have compared all three plans, showing you what you will get with each plan.

Monthly Pricing$129.95/month$249.95/month$499.95/month
Yearly Pricing$1300/year$2500/year$5000/year
Best ForSmall Teams & BeginnersMid-size businessesEnterprises & Large Agencies
Detailed Analytics✔️✔️✔️
Historical Data✔️✔️
Keywords To Track50015005000
Results per report10,00030,00050,000
Projects 51540
Pages To Crawl100K300K1 M
SEO Ideas Units5008002000
Keyword Cannibalization✔️✔️
Looker Studio Integration✔️✔️
Scheduled PDF Reports52050
JavaScript Rendering✔️✔️

Conclusion: Semrush Free Trial (2024)

The Semrush free trial is a great way to test the tool’s power and understand how it can help you improve your online marketing efforts. It offers access to all its features, including keyword research, website audits, SERP analytics, backlink monitoring, and more. This gives users a good understanding of how they can use the platform to their advantage.

The verdict? The Semrush free trial is worth trying out if you’re looking for an easy and effective way to optimize your online presence. With its comprehensive suite of tools and comprehensive data-driven insights, it’s sure to help you reach the next level in your digital marketing endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is There A Free Alternative To Semrush?

The best free alternative would be the Google tools you can access. You would have to learn these, which wouldn’t allow you a complete audit or access to the competitors. Hence, you will have limited access. Still, it is better than Semrush’s free account. If you have money to invest, then Semrush is the best option.

Who Should Use Semrush?

Anyone who wants to rank higher online should use Semrush. Content creators, bloggers, article providers, and businesses should use it to calibrate their websites or other platforms. In addition, it will enable the people in the local area to find their services more conveniently.

Which type of payment method does it accept?

On Semrush, you can make payments via wire transfer, money order, check, and all types of credit cards such as UnionPay, American Express, Mastercard, or Discover.

Does Semrush charge as I enter my Credit Card?

Yes, Semrush will charge you a nominal amount on your credit card to check its validity, which is refundable. However, you won’t be charged until your trial period ends.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my account?

Yes, you will upgrade or downgrade your account at any time you want within the first seven days of subscribing to it.

Can I check historical data on subscribing to the free plan?

You can’t find historical check data on the free plan of Semrush. To get the historical data, you need to upgrade your plan.

Should you continue to pay for Semrush after your trial ends?

Whether or not you should continue paying for Semrush after your trial ends mainly depends on the value you are getting from the service. If you see tangible results such as increased traffic, better rankings, and improved conversions, it makes sense to continue paying for the service.

On the other hand, if you haven’t been able to use the features or don’t feel like the results have been worth the cost, it might not be worth continuing with a paid subscription. So, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons before deciding.

Can you cancel the free trial of Semrush?

Yes, you can cancel a free trial of Semrush at any time. Log in to your account, click on the “My Account” tab, and select “Cancel Subscription” from the drop-down menu. You will no longer be billed for Semrush services upon canceling your subscription.

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