Is Selling on Amazon Worth It (2024 Verdict)

Are you considering selling on Amazon? Is Selling On Amazon Worth It? Selling on Amazon requires a significant investment in time and resources, so it is essential to understand what is involved before starting.

You can make money selling on the platform with the right strategy and use of Amazon’s services, such as FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon), Amazon Seller Central, and Amazon Marketplace.

This article will discuss the advantages of using Amazon for your business and explain why investing in an Amazon business could be worthwhile.

Is Selling On Amazon Worth It In?

Selling on Amazon in 2024 is likely worth it as the online retail giant continues to grow and gain market share. Amazon has a vast customer base, excellent customer service, and a wide range of products that can be sold.

Is Selling on Amazon Worth It

With new technologies such as AI, robotics, and Big Data integrated with Amazon’s platform, sellers can offer their customers more personalized shopping experiences. Also, Amazon offers competitive pricing, making it easier for sellers to stay competitive.

Furthermore, Amazon provides seller support and resources that help sellers maximize their profits. All these features make selling on Amazon an attractive option in 2024 and beyond.

How To Sell On Amazon And Make Money?

Selling on Amazon is a great way to make money. First, sign up for a seller’s account with Amazon. You must provide details about your business, such as legal name, address, and payment information. Once approved, you can begin listing your products on the site.

Sell On Amazon

Take high-quality photos of your items and write detailed descriptions, so customers know exactly what they are buying. When an item sells, Amazon will collect the payment from the customer and deposit it into your designated bank account.

You can track sales and manage orders through your seller’s dashboard, so you always know when a product has sold and should be shipped out. With the right strategies, selling on Amazon can be a lucrative way to make money online.

3P Seller (Third Party Seller)

A 3P seller lists their products on Amazon and allows the Amazon search engine to direct buyers to their products. When the consumer or customer buys your products, Amazon takes a percentage of the sale as a referee cost.

Anybody who lists their product on the Amazon website can be referred to as a third-party seller. Third-party sellers are divided into two, based on how the product will be sent to the consumer.

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

After listing your products on the Amazon website, you will send your product to Amazon.

Amazon has fulfillment centers where they collect these products from merchants. They arrange and package them and then send them to the customers. Starting with FBA is not everyone’s cup of team. However, tools like Helium 10 helps you kickstart your FBA journey in an easy way.

Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon handles all the shipping and logistics and pays for the cost. The merchant also has to pay for a space in the fulfillment centers. The seller makes use of Amazon’s shipping and logistics structure. They don’t have to develop their own from scratch.

Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM)

Some merchants already have their shipping and logistics structure and only want to exploit the Amazon search engine.

For the FBM selling plans, your product is sold on the Amazon website. Amazon then sends the shipping information to the seller or merchant. The seller then packages the product and sends it to the buyer.


The seller does not have to ship their product to Amazon fulfillment centers and does not pay for logistics and shipping costs. They pay the referee course Amazon requires to recommend their products to buyers.

First Person Seller (1P Seller)

Amazon sources its products or sources products from other sellers from time to time. These products are then marked as Amazon products. Sellers that deliver this kind of product are referred to as first-person sellers.

An Amazon vendor program also reduces most of the costs from FBA and FBM sellers, but this is more difficult to get into.

Amazon Vendor Program

The Amazon vendor program allows Amazon to purchase items at a predetermined wholesale price agreed upon between Amazon and the vendor.

Once this product arrives, Amazon takes care of the listing, marketing, and shipping these products to consumers who have bought them.

The Amazon vendor program is mostly by selection. If you’ve experienced success as a third-party seller, you can get invited by Amazon to join their vendor program.

They will also give you an Amazon vendor account to manage your business.

Is It Too Competitive To Sell On Amazon?

Selling on Amazon can be a very competitive market. With so many sellers offering the same products, it can be difficult for small businesses to stand out and find success. It is important to research the competition and understand the prices and services they offer to remain competitive.

Additionally, focusing on customer service and providing quality products at low prices is critical to Amazon’s success. Although it may be intimidating, small businesses can succeed in this highly competitive market with some strategic planning and dedication.

Advantages Of Selling On Amazon

Over the years, Amazon has established itself as a place of choice for many sellers. They have also structured a predictable algorithm that you can exploit. That’s why selling on Amazon offers you a lot of benefits, some of which include

That’s why selling on Amazon offers you a lot of benefits, some of which include 

Increase Your Sales

As mentioned, Amazon is the number one destination for many online shoppers. If you put your product on Amazon, you are granted more sales than you would ever get if you chose another e-commerce platform.

Selling on Amazon creates trust and integrity for your products. Amazon’s verification process will not allow you to sell substandard products. You will not also defraud your customers without delivering the products. Most countries have a low penetration of e-commerce; Amazon is the ultimate e-commerce site because of the wild penetration of the website.

Build Your Customer Base

While Amazon is not precisely optimized to help you build a selling list, you can still use it to build your customer base. When someone finds your product online and buys it, you can access their information.

Based on your user experience, you can influence such a customer to come back to buy more products. With that, you can increase your customers, and they can even refer you to their friends.

Sell Your Products Internationally

Amazon sells products to over 100 countries. This increases your audience and allows you to export your products at a minimal cost.

With Amazon logistics and shipping, you can expand your market across different countries.

Lower Marketing Costs

Amazon is structured to help you incur significantly lower marketing costs than other e-commerce platforms. There are already millions of users who want to buy on Amazon. Because Amazon works like its own search engine, customers can search randomly and find your products.

While you can still run sponsored posts and marketing on Amazon, your product can be found even when you don’t. You don’t have to spend significantly more than your revenue to attract more customers when you eventually do.

No Shipping and Logistics

When using the FBA option, Amazon removes all the shipping and logistics problems. You pay a fraction of what you would have originally paid if you did it yourself.

This allows you to sell to anybody anywhere in the world. This puts your business at a great advantage. You only need to do packaging and send your product to fulfillment centers. Amazon has about 175 filament centers around the world.

Disadvantages Of Using Amazon FBA

Here are some cons of selling on Amazon.


One disadvantage of selling on Amazon is the amount of competition. Because of how easy becoming an Amazon seller is, many people have various products. These products can be similar to yours. There is high competition for keywords during marketing ads.

Finding your product on the market might be challenging when you do not use ads.

You have to compete with Amazon’s native products. If a buyer wants a product, Amazon native products are recommended before yours.

Selling And Logistics Fee

Selling on Amazon will cost you a lot of your revenue. This face can be exorbitantly high, mainly if you sell few products.

You have to pay amazon fees to sign up. Giving up a percentage of your profit or total revenue would be best when you sell a product through Amazon. It can become difficult for you to make any profit on the platform.

Order Management

Sometimes, the Amazon back-end algorithm can be difficult to understand. The challenge this brings is that it can take time to manage the orders. This can lead to misplaced orders, and you might have to perform a refund for your customer.

Alternatives to Selling on Amazon

While Amazon offers vast customer reach and streamlined logistics, platforms like Shopify present an appealing alternative for starting an online store. Shopify stands out by offering sellers complete control over their store’s branding, design, and customer experience, which can be pivotal for building a unique brand identity. Unlike Amazon, where sellers operate within a shared marketplace, Shopify provides a dedicated storefront that enhances brand visibility without direct competition on the same platform. In case you’re looking to get started with Shopify, check the valuable Shopify resources on ShopTrial. One of the finest hub for Shopify store owners.

Additionally, Shopify’s straightforward fee structure often results in lower costs compared to Amazon’s complex fee schedule, making it an excellent choice for new entrepreneurs seeking to establish an online presence without significant overhead.

Amazon FBA Review Final Thoughts: Is Selling On Amazon Worth It?

So finally, Is Selling On Amazon Worth It? Well, Despite all these challenges, selling your product on Amazon is still a good selling option. If you can sort out your product and determine your profitability, you can exploit Amazon’s number of users. It can increase the reach of your business.

There is nothing good that does not involve any challenge. Challenges mustn’t hinder you from benefiting maximally through selling on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it a good idea to be a seller on Amazon?

Being a seller on Amazon is an excellent idea as it gives you access to millions of customers worldwide. You can create an online store and list your products quickly and easily, allowing you to reach a wide range of buyers. You also benefit from Amazon’s marketing tools, such as Prime and FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), which enable you to expand your reach even further. You don’t need special skills or knowledge to become a seller; you need a basic understanding of what works best for your product.

Can you make money selling on Amazon?

Yes, you can make money selling on Amazon. As an Amazon seller, you can access a vast and ever-growing customer base looking for products to buy. You can start by creating an account, choosing a product or service to sell, setting up your store, and then listing your items for sale. Once you are ready to receive orders, you can promote your products via advertising campaigns or other marketing efforts.

How much does the average Amazon seller make?

The amount of money the average Amazon seller makes can vary greatly depending on the product type, the number of products they sell, and how effective their marketing strategies are. Generally speaking, many Amazon sellers make a few thousand dollars per month in sales revenue.

However, some successful Amazon sellers have been known to make six-figure incomes from their businesses. The key to becoming a successful Amazon seller is to create a high-quality product that stands out from the competition and to have a well-thought-out marketing strategy.

Is it Illegal to Resell Products on Amazon?

It is not illegal to resell products on Amazon as long as the seller abides by Amazon’s policies and regulations. Amazon allows resellers to list items for sale on their website as long as they are the legal owner of the item.

The seller must also ensure that all items listed are authentic and in good condition. Additionally, sellers must have a valid seller account with Amazon, pay applicable fees such as listing and referral fees, and adhere to all applicable laws.

How Much Does Amazon Fulfillment Cost?

Amazon Fulfillment costs vary depending on the type of product sold, how quickly it needs to be shipped, and the size and weight of the item. Generally speaking, Amazon fulfillment fees start at $2.41 per unit for standard-size items and up to $137.32 for oversize items.

Shipping fees depend on the shipping method and destination and are calculated based on package dimensions, weight, shipping zone, and service level selected. In addition to direct fulfillment costs from Amazon, sellers are responsible for any additional fees or taxes related to the sale of their products.

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