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Do G Suite offer discounts and coupon codes? G-Suite, also known as Google Workplace, has become a ‘Go-to’ for any business or enterprise. Whether you have a start-up or a well-established organization, the array of tools and beneficial features are over the top.

G suite Free Trail

However, it does cost a subscription, and Google Workplace charges you according to the number of users. That cost may stack up and make it challenging for a newfound business to afford. Therefore, we are bringing you everything about the G-suite coupon code, discounts, and other options. Let’s begin!

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About G Suite – A Brief Review

Before we begin looking into the G suite coupon codes, let’s learn more about what it is. Generally, you can signup and use almost every Google app and feature for free. There’s no need for you to pay any price. However, there are usage and data limits from Google Drive to Docs and much more. That’s where Google Workplace comes into play.

It is a premium version of the same applications from Google that you use for free. You get enhanced data usage, a more personalized experience, higher convenience in inter-connectivity, and much more.

It is a collection of various useful apps like Google Docs, Spreadsheet, Forums, Gmail, Google Drive, and much more. All of these are inter-connected through cloud computing, providing any business a robust infrastructure.

Features Of G Suite:

g suite features

G-Suite provides your business a complete suite and individual Gmail account for each member. The G-Suite includes:

  • Gmail for email facilities.
  • Google Calendar for complete calendar organization, which correlates with everything else.
  • Google Docs with cloud support to collaborate or share conveniently.
  • Google Sheets with similar features to share and collaborate like Docs.
  • Google Slides for presentation and convenient shares without needing to carry a copy.
  • Google Drive connects all files and documents with ease of management.
  • Google Forms to conduct surveys or interviews, among other endeavors.
  • Google Meet for video conference, communications, and much more.

At a glance, you might think that these are precisely the features that Google offers but for free and personal use. So, what’s the difference? Well, as mentioned, this is for a complete enterprise. Therefore, it has more extensive usage, robust system compatibility, and higher storage possibilities. You can add more users conveniently and much more.

Here is the list of some features that will establish some distinguishable differences:

1. Personalized Services

Personal Gmail users get email addresses like ‘username@gmail.com.’ With access to admin tools, you can completely personalize and customize it. It can become ‘username@companyname.com,’ and that is the primary benefit of a professional suite. It gives you a more professional and personalized experience.

2. AppSheet

g suite app sheets

AppSheet makes it easier for you to create and provide various apps. It doesn’t require you to know how to Code either. All you need to do is assign the app and create it as you like it. There isn’t precisely a limit to the number of apps you can make. With Google’s support, you can easily make it available.

3. Jamboard

g suite Jamboard

This is one of the few examples of some additional packages. Jamboard is an online cloud-supported whiteboard for team and task management conveniently. You can keep track of everyone and everything.

4. Google Voice

Google Voice

This is a personalized service rather than a video conference. Google Voice is like a local phone connection and network with a unique cellular number for the enterprise. You can use it for a very professional approach to the people.

Benefits Of G Suite:

Benefits Of G Suite

Now that you understand some of the other features that make it different, it’s time to answer the big question: What are the advantages of using the G-suite? Below is a quick list to help you understand:

1. Universal Compatibility

As you can see, Google is prevalent everywhere. It is even in your Android phones, Smart TVs, and Smart Watches. Therefore, you can conveniently access G-suite from almost anywhere. This convenience makes it one of the best choices available. It is not something every platform can provide. This certainly gives it a sharp edge.

2. Ease Of Use

The primary benefit you get is that Google’s entire array of apps are straightforward to use. These are very user-friendly, and even a less tech-savvy individual can learn them. You can explore and learn about it quickly. All of the essential features and options are easy to find and use. There are many user-convenient and accessible features that make G-suite best-in-class.

3. Highly Collaborative

There are a seamless connection and connectivity for Google Workplace users. They can share almost anything as if they are doing it in real life. The distance doesn’t matter as long as you have an internet connection. Even offline, you get complete support of various plug-ins that will sync your work once you get online. It is quite a robust tool.

4. Very Popular

Microsoft Office Suite comes second to Google Workplace. Even then, it has marginally lower popularity and preference. Let’s try to put it this way, if G-Suite is to be recommended 10/10 by the users, Microsoft stands at 2/10 or 3/10. That difference is significant. This shows how much Google has managed to dominate the competition.

G Suite Coupon Codes & Discounts:

Now that you have an easier time understanding G-suite, it’s time to move to what matters: The cost. Are there G-suite coupon codes that you can use? In short, no. Google doesn’t provide any form of coupon codes or promo codes for you to use for their premium services.

They already offer you a free personal account that you can use. It is already equal to a considerable discount as if you have a basic plan for free. You can also use it as a trial to get an idea of the services Google can offer.

There Are No Google Coupon Codes Or Discounts!

That’s the truth. If any third-party app or platform is promoting itself by telling you that they have coupon codes for discounts and much more, don’t trust them. You can only trust them if they are credible enough, but then, what can be more reasonable than Google itself? You can check the official website, and during signup, you will know if there is any G-Suite Code or discount available.

Please don’t fall for the clickbait or the illegal third-party coupon providers, as they may end up getting you into legal troubles.

G Suite 14 Days Trial:

Although the personal account should work as a trial, you can still use a free-trial for G-suite. If you want to see what it feels like to have complete access to enterprise-level services, it is easier to get. Let’s divide it into three parts for you to understand and also to use.

Step 1: Register

  • The first step would be for you to Visit Official Website.
    visit g suite
  • You have to get started, and you will find that most of the process is similar to what you do to register for Google.
    get start with g suite
  • You will see the option to write the Business name, select the country and the number of people you want it for.
    contact info for g suite
  • Now the entire process is similar to registering for Google.

Step 2: Payment

While you’re signing in, there are two options for you. You can provide the payment information and credentials right at the start or skip the step.

g suite payment info
  • If you choose to provide the credentials, Google will auto-renew your subscription. As a result, you will get charged on the Credit card.
  • Alternatively, if you don’t provide contact information, Google won’t charge you anything, and your account will be deleted after a 14-day trial.

Step 3: Deactivation 

There are three methods to deactivate your account during the trial or subscription.

  • Delete Domain: Ultimately, you’re paying to access a specific domain from Admin tools. You can use this option from admin controls to delete your domain, and your subscription will end.
  • Transfer Domain: You can transfer your Google Domain to another account conveniently. Mostly, it is to transfer to another Google Account, but it is cross-platform compatible.
  • No Payment: As mentioned, if you didn’t pay before the trial started, your account will automatically delete after 14 days.

Ways To Get G-Suite Discounts Or Free:

There aren’t any G-Suite Coupon Codes, Discounts, or other offers. The trial method is already mentioned above. However, there is still a way for you to reap the free benefits of G-suite or Google Workplace. There are around four methods available for you to use:

1. Educational Institute

If you own an educational institute like a School or College, you can attempt to get Google Workplace free. Most of the basic package will be free. If you decide to expand to the higher packages, you will have to pay. However, these packages are heavily discounted. Therefore, it will still be a highly cost-effective option available for you.

Educational Institute

You might have to provide essential documents for verifications, though. Therefore, if you don’t own an educational institute, this option won’t work at all.

2. Non-Profit Organization

NGOs get a free pass from Google. Much like Educational Institute (School), if you’re an NGO, you can get basic packages for free. If you want to add a higher package, you’d have to pay for it. Once again, you will reap heavier discounts for NGO packages as Google charges minimalist fees to maintain the services and servers.

You would ultimately have to provide proof that you are indeed a non-profit organization. It can be any kind of organization.

Assembling It Through Personal Gmail:

If you don’t meet any of the above-given requirements, then the best alternative would be to use personal Gmail. Using Personal Gmail, you can still access and use almost every app that Gmail provides in the Google Workforce. You can also individually subscribe to each service over time if you plan on expanding gradually. Once you have enough funds, you can invest in full-fledged packages.

Sometimes, if you try to approach Google Workplace at support, they might provide you a discount or a personalized quote which will make things easier.

Back to the point, if you use personal Gmail, you will still have access to various services.

Abusing 14 Days Free Trial:

Yes, we will call it abuse. You can use G-suite’s 14 days free trial to abuse the free access. Of course, each time, your account will be deleted after 14 days. Thus, you run the risk of losing potential data. However, it shouldn’t be a problem for a single person or a small enterprise.

Within 24 hours, the domain will reset, and it will be available for the grab again. Google doesn’t mind you reusing this underhanded tactic. However, likely, you will eventually get red-flagged due to these activities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1Q. Is G-Suite Better Than Microsoft Office?

Ans: Yes. G-suite is marginally better than Microsoft Office in every way. It has competitive pricing and low system requirements. You get many convenient features and tools. It is highly accessible and expandable. There aren’t many significant drawbacks either. You can easily use it for any kind of enterprise. The availability of packages makes it even better. Google is best-in-class in terms of an enterprise solution.

2Q. Is Google Workplace Cross-Platform?

Ans: Unfortunately, no. The most significant drawback or downside of using Google Workplace is that it doesn’t work well with other apps and platforms. If your client has a different enterprise solution and platform, it won’t mend well with Google’s platform. You’d have to create a new ID and add a new user. Not everyone uses Google Workforce, and the tools don’t blend outside Google’s ecosystem.

3Q. Can You Find Other Alternatives To G-Suite And Its Tools?

Ans: Absolutely. There is a plethora of apps and tools available. However, almost all of them are less convenient and user-friendly than Google’s tool assessments. Some might be even cheaper, but Google has put years of experience and research into bringing you the best tool.

Of course, Microsoft Office is one of the more popular choices that many people prefer. Amazon is also working on providing you complete enterprise software and support.

4Q. Do You Get Charged According To The User?

Ans: When you are sign-up, it will ask you for the number of personnel you need Google Workplace for. However, if you expand over time, you can add more users. Yes, Google Workplace or G-suite will charge you according to the number of users. It has the cost of $/user/month. Therefore, it can be the most cost-effective choice available for you.


There you have everything related to the G-suite coupon code and available discounts. Hopefully, the article sheds some light on the essential tools and their benefits. We have tried to keep the review simple to give you enough information for buying decisions.

As long as you follow the above-given tips and choices, you can reap the maximum benefits of Google Workplace. There’s no need for you to consider it if you’re a small enterprise. Start considering it once you want personalized services and leave a good impression on other businesses and clients.

Google Workplace is top in its class and dominates any competitor. The remarkable support, exceptional ease of tools, and multiple device compatibility make it a pioneer in business solutions.

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