Viral Launch Review [2022] – Pricing Details & Features

Amazon is a global marketplace platform where a lot of sellers are heading to sell their products. Indeed, setting up the sales goals is easy, but reaching the sales goals isn’t that easy. But software like Viral Launch satisfied your needs and matched your sales goals ideally.

Viral Launch Review 2022

In this Viral Launch Review article, I’ll explain everything about this software and how this tool is helpful for you. Before investing in Viral Launch, read the entire post to know whether it is worthwhile.

Viral Launch Review – Everything Explained!

Viral Launch is one of the best software that is boasted tools and impressive features. These features help Amazon sellers to make maximum profit by optimizing their sales. The Viral Launch consists of optimization tools that help the sellers steal the visitors’ attention.

Viral Launch Overview

This is quite similar to a search engine optimization tool that allows you to optimize your website to get the top rank on the search engine. But this software will help the users find new products and sell products significantly to achieve maximum profit.

This helps to find the right competitive keywords to optimize your product and analyze the competitors. There are other tools as well that help to grab more sales.

Stay tuned to the post and learn about its impressive features.

Viral Launch Data Accuracy: 

Data accuracy is one of the most important things that any Amazon Sellers wants. In my opinion, if the tool’s data is not up to date or accurate, there is no reason to invest in it. 

Viral Launch data Accuracy

I would say dont go to my words for it. Jungle Scout has conducted various case studies and tests to verify the data accuracy of Viral Launch is 79.3%, which makes it the second most accurate data offered by any tool. 

Features of Viral Launch:

Now, as you know that the Viral Launch helps optimize the seller’s product on Amazon to achieve more sales, it’s time to check its amazing features. Continue reading.

1. Kinetic PPC

Viral Launch the new tool, which is Kinetic PPC that shown remarkable success by improving sales. This tool helps to handle the three most crucial marketing functions, such as increasing your profits, monitoring your results, and updating your marketing strategy.

Kinetic PPC

But first, this tool will help set a particular number of actions that make your ads more impressive. Second, it will help to make some fine adjustments to create templates and customize the new ones. And third, this tool will provide some setup rules to optimize your ads completely.

Apart from this, the tool also helps to access the data easily to have complete transparency of the campaign analysis. This will further help to track your campaign performance. Plus, it also helps to lower the cost of conversion rates.

2. Product Discovery

If you need to have the best-selling product within your niche, then this Viral Launch tool benefits you. With the help of this tool, you’ll customize the product list with high-selling potential and straightway demand. Additionally, this tool will help you easily detect the potential marketing place to beat the competition.

product discovery viral launch

How does This Product Discovery Tool work?

It’s very simple to use this tool. First of all, you need to set the search criteria to search for the product and access all the details such as keywords, category, brand, and other relevant items.

Second, if you are concerned about the voluminous data, you can use the Tracker feature that contains maximum space to fit everything. Third, you can use this tool to re-evaluate the elements of the product from the filter.

3. Market Intelligence

This is perhaps the coolest tool that helps make your selling process and optimization a bit easier. Marketing Intelligence is a new Launch tool available in Chrome Extensions. This is a pretty much reliable product that helps evaluate the sales and rending of Amazon products.

viral launch market intelligence

In addition to this, you can also find out various product ideas whether it’s worth it or not. With this smart algorithm, you will be able to respond to consumer inquiries easily. Moreover, the tool also shows results with the highest accuracy level.

It is also helpful in calculating the potential profit and managing your expenses. You can say this feature will give you the most precise configuration of the sales graph of Amazon. This could be a perfect way to analyze the marketing competition and keep a track record of everything in your hands.

4. Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most crucial aspect of optimization and product research. This will help you find the accurate keyword so you can have better sales. Apart from this, the right type of seeded keywords will help perform Seo optimization and increase sales.

viral launch keyword research

Viral Launch is one of the powerful keyword searching tools. The tool’s main feature is “Opportunity Score,” which helps to configure keywords and align them organically in order of scale, such as 0-1000.

The prime goals of this tool are to display the volume, ranking listing, and display markets. It is also helpful in monitoring the cost of the bid so that you can place your PPC ads to get effective results. Integrating this tool will help to boost your sales eventually to gain maximum profit.

5. Competitor Intelligence

Competitors always thrive on getting the desired sales outcomes. But you can set yourself worry-free if you have this fantastic tool. Viral Launch also features a stunning tool, Competitor Intelligence, that helps to analyze your competitors accurately.

viral launch competitor intelligence

The rest you need to do is “hack” the rivals. Insert a particular ASIN. Once you do this, you’ll get instant results and an imposing list in which you will see popular keywords and most searched items. On the other hand, you will monitor various factors such as keyword rank, indexation, feedback, sales, sponsored ad rank, search volume, price, and other things accurately.

In this way, you will easily track the results and search for the keywords accurately. However, the most impressive thing about this tool is that it will send you custom notifications about your competitor when they shift their keyword ranking, reviews, prices, sales, ad placement, etc.

6. Listing Analyzer

This tool of the Viral Launch is helpful in gaining the best results and optimum sales. Out of all the tools, Listing Analyzer is the most crucial one. Once you follow the above-mentioned tools and optimize your product, Listing Analyzer will help find the product’s earning potential and success rate amongst your competitors.

Listing Analyzer

With the help of SWOT Analysis, you will also get better results and compare the product listing content. This is the most valuable asset to analyze whether your brand needs improvement or not in the conversion tracking rate.

7. Split Testing

This is another best feature of the Viral Launch that helps to perform the final comprehensive analysis. This will help to make your product optimize completely to drive more sales. You will get the statistics and test multiple variations such as title, price, description, images, and many more.

8. Product Launch Service 

The Viral Launch recently added a product Launch service. This incredible feature helps you launch your products very easily. There is a step-to-step procedure that helps to launch products on Launchpad. Very easy to use, and all you have to do is create your list of products and then add that list here and create a launch. 

Besides that, you can easily track the traffic coming on the product links. This tool eases down many things, and you don’t need to give any additional charge to access the tool because it is free with viral launch premium plans. 

9. Viral Launch Chrome Extension

Viral Launch chrome extension is another great feature offered by the Viral Launch. The tool is extremely useful and helps users research the products easily. You need to install the Viral Launch into your chrome browser to access this feature. 

With the help of the tool, you will be able to fetch out the product ideas and search for the keywords. The nicest part of using the tool is you don’t need to log in or sign up. Since it is installed in the chrome browser, it will automatically divert to the product launch and other features page. 

When you are searching for the products, you can easily track all the marketplaces with just a single click. This feature helps get an in-depth insight into the products, niches, metrics, categories, and many more. So, I would say this must be an excellent thing about the users and somewhat ease down searching for products. 

10. Keyword Managers 

Managing keywords would be the biggest tussle for every new and advanced user. But this tool of the Viral Launch makes everything a breeze. Like the Chrome extension, it is easy to use and adds all the keywords in one place.

Keyword Manager

Moreover, you can also export the list of the keywords to CSV files. With this tool, you can easily track the keywords and check everything from dashboards.

How Does Viral Launch Work?

To start with Viral Launch, you need to create an account by following these simple steps. 

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Viral Launch. 

Viral Launch Homepage

Step 2: You can fill up the signup form by filling in all the essential details. Once you have filled up the details, click on the continue. 

Viral Launch Signup

Step 3: Choose the pricing plan that suits your needs. There are three different pricing plans offered by the Viral Launch such as essential, Pro, and Pro Plus ads. You can choose any pricing plan and move to the payment page. 

Viral Launch Pricing Plan

Step 4: Make the payment through credit cards and other details. Complete the payment process, and you are good to go.

Payment Information

Viral Launch Pricing Plan: How Much Using This Tool Cost?

Viral Launch offers three pricing plans made for all kinds of users. The plans are as follows: 

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Viral Launch Pricing Plan

Essential Plan- At $69 per month 

The plan is perfect for Amazon sellers who want to start their own business. It includes tools like product finder, keyword tracker, keyword manager, and many more features. However, some features have certain limitations, and the plan is excellent for newbie users. 

Pro Plan- At $99 per month 

The plan is amongst the most popular and covers everything and all the features you need to become a pro-level Amazon seller. This would be excellent for those sellers who want to grow their business. Whether you want to track sales records, find new products or manage the list, this plan has got everything. 

Pro Plus Ads- $199 per month

The plan has an all-in-one platform for the advanced-level sellers. With this, you can optimize your sales, and perform Amazon advertisements to increase sales, and earn maximum revenues. 

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In a nutshell, this app is extremely important for the Amazon seller who wishes to gain maximum sales and make a massive profit from their product and sales. All the features and tools are easy to use, so you don’t feel hassles in operating the software.

With this amazing tool, you will be able to improve sales confidently. You can also test the quality and competitor analysis so that you can optimize the site. This is the app that makes your dream of being the best seller on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Viral Launch offering a free trial?

Yes, you can use the 14-day free trial of the Viral Launch. To get the free trial, you need to follow the above-mentioned steps.

Is this legal to use?

Yes, Viral Launch is legal software. You can use it without worrying about legal issues. Moreover, it also offers you easy-to-access “Chrome Extension” to research the product. You will also get various features that help to optimize your product legally.

Does it allow for optimization of the PPC?

Yes, it helps to optimize the PPC ads. This tool will allow you to make impressive ads with the seeded keyword to lower click-through rates, cost, and optimum results.

Does it offer keyword research?

Yes, this tool offers keyword research as well. Along with this, it also helps to analyze the competitors to get better results.

Does it offer any money-back guarantee?

Viral Launch doesn’t offer any kind of money-back guarantee to its users on any of its pricing plans, but instead, you can try Viral Launch free for 14 days.

Can I upgrade my plan on Viral Launch?

Absolutely yes, you can upgrade your plan directly via the setting button in your Viral Launchpad. For more detail, you can contact its customer support team at for further help.

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