Jungle Scout Review (2024) – Boost Sales, Not Stress!

Are you looking for the best Amazon research tool? Jungle Scout is the perfect choice for you. Before we jump into the Jungle Scout review, here is a brief intro. Jungle Scout is the one-stop tool that helps you to find profitable products, track product rankings, and analyze the competition.

With its comprehensive suite of features and tools, Jungle Scout makes it easy to identify successful Amazon sellers and get detailed metrics on average prices and best-seller ranks.

Not only that, but Jungle Scout also provides free resources to help entrepreneurs understand the basics of Amazon research. This review will look at all the features that make Jungle Scout a top-notch Amazon research tool and its customer support options.

So without lingering around, let’s jump straight into a concise Jungle Scout Review and then see what deals it offers you.

Jungle Scout Review – Detailed Guide

Jungle Scout is a third-party platform for understanding the business operations of Amazon. Once you master the art of selling on Amazon, Jungle Scout is a third-party platform for understanding amazon fba business operations.

Once you master the art of selling on Amazon, nothing can stop you from reaching heights. However, to do so, you will need a professional assistant provided by FBA tools like Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Overview

To put it in simple words, Jungle Scout will assist you through every step and obstacle that may arise while commencing the Amazon selling business. Moreover, it also gives you valuable tools for doing the required market and product research. Furthermore, once you launch your product, you can maintain your inventory and manage many other things with Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout – Tools & Features

There is no doubt that Jungle Scout has everything needed to succeed in the Amazon business. However, you must be curious to know about the tools and features. If yes, read about the tools it offers below:

1. Niche Hunter

Niche Hunter

is a feature that provides you with intel on your competitive products. You can get everything about the products and draw a vast comparison among them to see which product is leading the business. Once you find the top product, all you need to do is make your product better than that product.

2. Product Tracker

Product Tracker

Of course, you need a tracker to track the product you want to look into to analyze and study any existing Amazon product. You can do so with Product Tracker, which gives you plenty of filters to get the exact product you want.

3. Product Database

Product Database

Once you have your hands on that particular product that you want to look into with the help of Product Tracker, you can run it through the Product Database. You will get the performance history, such as the revenue it has generated in the past few months and its demand in the market.

4. Supplier Database

Supplier Database

It gives you all the essential information on the sellers. You can search for the product in the Supplier Database and get a list of suppliers available for you. Moreover, you can go through their profiles to decide which supplier fits your product.

5. Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout

It helps you find the best-suited keyword for your product. It gives you intel on Amazon customers’ keywords while looking for a product similar to your product’s description. Once you get those keywords, you can choose the most popular one; this will improve the rank of your product.

6. Browser Extension: 

Browser Extension

You can now add the potential of Jungle Scout on your browser by installing the Jungle Scout extension on Firefox or Chrome. The extension will directly get added to your browser so that you can validate your ideas as you browse the Amazon catalog. You need to search for a keyword or product on Amazon and run the extension, and you will get all the insight on these results.

7. Sales Analytics: 

Sales Analytics

With sales analytics, you can track and organize all your Amazon sales data in real-time to focus on cost-saving strategy and profit-building to get more money on Amazon. Sales analytics helps compare sales over time with a custom date range so you can understand how refunds, promotions, and other variables impact your bottom line.

Advantages Of Using Jungle Scout

If you are using the most prominent FBA tool, it must have some advantages. If you wonder what those are, stop there, as you need not think further. The following are some significant perks you get from subscribing to Jungle Scout. You get the suite of tools in one place to assist you in market and product research.

Jungle Scout Advantage

Jungle Scout is relatively easy to use and has a user-friendly interface that is easier to understand. Therefore, it is time effective as you don’t spend much time learning about the tools and features.

Predicting unforeseen events in a highly competitive market could be a miracle, and Jungle Scout makes it happen for you. It provides you with such intel that you can easily predict your competitor’s moves. You can always be a few steps ahead of your competition.

Its features, such as Launch, Niche Hunter, and Listing Builder, launch your product so that it grabs a large amount of the initial sale, which is crucial to maintaining higher rankings.

Jungle Scout also provides an impressive list of potential sellers in your town so you can quickly start your business without hassle.

Jungle Scout: Standard Plans & Packages

Before looking for discounts and coupon codes, let’s see what plans and offers are there for you. To give you a subtle idea of the plans and their use, we have explained them below:

Jungle Scout Pricing Plan
Jungle Scout Pay Early Pricing Plan

1. Basic

If you have just entered the online marketing game and need to learn about it, you should start with a Basic plan. It will guide you through all the stages of selling your product online on Amazon. This Basic plan costs around $49 monthly or $349 yearly.

Plan Includes:

  • Single-user license.
  • Full access to the browser extension (Chrome + Firefox).

2. Suite

Once you have established a good business on Amazon, you will require additional assistance to grow your business. Therefore, after the end of your initial experience on Amazon, you should switch to a Suite plan. This plan costs around $69 monthly or $589 yearly.

Plan Includes:

  • Review Automation.
  • Ability to add more users.
  • Access to more in-depth historical product and keyword data.
  • Advanced seller features.

3. Professional

If you are a pro at online marketing and know everything about it, it’s time to acquire higher and more professional knowledge. The information and knowledge the Basic plan and Suite plan provide to you might not come in handy as you already know those things. Therefore, to go deeper into the Professional business plan is for you, which costs around $129 monthly or $999 yearly.

Plan Includes:

  • Track up to 1000 ASINs.
  • 6 users included.
  • 6 months of historical data in Product Tracker.
  • 2 years of historical keyword data.
  • Priority onboarding.

Additionally, there are packages for people who prefer to achieve results at a particular time. For instance, its Start-up Suite package is for 3 months, the Entrepreneur Suite package is for 6 months, and the Freedom Builder Bootcamp package is for a year.

Jungle Scout: Coupon Codes & Discount

Note: Check out our Jungle Scout Discount Code here to save some extra bucks.

Jungle Scout does not offer any coupons so far. However, it did decide to cut short the pricing of the plans as it was a bit expensive to invest in. Thus, a 50% discount was available on any plan you choose, which is quite impressive as now you will have to pay for half of the price which was initially there. But the twist is that applying a discount is an automated process, and once you create your account, it gets applied automatically.

Jungle Scout Discount Coupon

Hence, this discount’s time duration or expiry still needs to be discovered. So if it is not applied to your account, it could mean that Jungle Scout no longer offers a 50% discount.

Apply For Jungle Scout’s 50% Discount In Simple Steps:

If you are up for the plans of Jungle Scout and want a 50% discount as well, then follow the steps given below:

  • Go to this link.
Jungle Scout Discount
  • When you scroll down the page, you will see an icon Get Started Now, click on that icon.
Click On Get Started Now
  • You will be asked to give details, such as your email address, and input a password to create a Jungle Scout account. Enter all your information correctly.
Create Account
  • Now, it will ask you to complete the payment by providing your credentials.
Payment Details

Once the payment is made, you are good to go! Make full use of the premium services of Jungle Scout to earn maximum profit.

Jungle Scout Affiliate Program

It is an Affiliated Program for those who want to earn from Jungle Scout. Also, it is an excellent way of making money and investing in subscribing to Jungle Scout. This way, you do not have to invest any extra penny.

Nonetheless, the Affiliate Program works, so you must register for it. Once registered, an Affiliated link will be generated for you, and people who purchase Jungle Scout’s plans through that link will be considered your audience. Therefore, you will get compensation for it.

Pros & Cons of Jungle Scout: 

Here, we have given the pros & cons of Jungle Scout. Let’s get inside it.


  • Provide Amazon revenue data and product sales.
  • You can easily find high-value product ideas.
  • Provide in-depth historical search volume of trending keywords.
  • Find out the most impressive keywords which are easy and profitable.
  • Highly accessible supplier database
  • It predicts the product for future demand, saving time.
  • Find out competitive and market intelligence data easily.


  • Little bit expensive 
  • Need to provide more information about the suppliers. 

Jungle Scout Alternatives: 

It’s no doubt that Jungle Scout is the best Amazon product research tool, but it’s not the only tool on the market. So here we have listed some best Jungle Scout alternatives that you should try once.

1. Helium 10: 

Helium 10 is one of the top-notch alternatives to Jungle Scout. It comes with more than the 10 most potent Amazon sellers specific, making selling on Amazon easy and profitable. With Helium 10, you can easily find tools like X-rays, black boxes, magnets, and many more. To get in-depth information about Helium 10, check out our Helium 10 Review here

2. Viral Launch: 

Viral Launch is the biggest competitor of Jungle Scout, but it’s not fair to say this one is better than that. Viral Launch provides a fully FBA launch service, including managed marketing services, photography, etc. So as you see, Viral Launch has a complete marketing service. Its no doubt that this tool provides everything; to grow your FBA business. To know more about Viral Launch, check out our Viral Launch Review here.

Conclusion: Jungle Scout is #1 Tool for FBA Sellers!

Jungle Scout is one of the prominent FBA tools available, and the data and information it provides are mostly accurate. Therefore, relying on it for your business on Amazon could become the best decision of your life.

Moreover, it would be best if you had a tool like Jungle Scout to launch your product correctly to achieve huge sales.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can I Apply For Jungle Scout’s Affiliate Program?

To apply for the Affiliate Program of Jungle Scout, you must submit your application first. For that, click here and then scroll down until you see an icon in orange stating Get Started once you see it click on it and start submitting your application for the Affiliate Program.

Does Jungle Scout Offer Any Coupon Or Discount?

Jungle Scout does not offer any coupons, but it offers a 50% discount on its plans occasionally.

Does Jungle Scout Increase Its Price After A Particular Time?

No, Jungle Scout only increases its price once your sale exceeds a certain point. Once you reach that state, it charges you according to the sale that you have made.

What’s the Best Alternative For Jungle Scout?

There are many Amazon FBA Tools, but when we talk about the best alternative, it’s only Helium 10.

Is There a Free Trial Available on Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is an invaluable platform for sellers looking to take their business to the next level. They offer various tools and services to help you succeed in your Amazon business. One of their best features is a free trial, allowing you to test their services before committing.

With this free trial period, you can access all the same features paid customers to enjoy, such as keyword research, product tracking, competitor analysis, and more. This trial period gives you an excellent opportunity to get a feel for how Jungle Scout can benefit your business without making any financial commitments upfront. It’s worth taking advantage of if you want to improve your Amazon listings and sales performance.

What’s the Difference Between the Chrome Extention and the Web App?

The Chrome Extension and the Web App are two different applications that can enhance your online experience. The Chrome Extension is a tool that allows users to customize their web browsers with additional features, such as themes, extensions, and tools. It is installed directly into the Chrome browser, allowing users to quickly access its features without opening a new window or tab.

On the other hand, the Jungle Scout Web App is an application that runs within the user’s web browser and provides additional functionalities not available through the native browser.

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