Semrush Free Trial 2022 – How to Get 30 Days Account?

Do you hesitate to try Semrush because of the expensive subscription plan? Don’t worry! Semrush offers seven days of free trial on the Pro and Guru plan. So, you can try this keyword finder tool for free without any hassles.

Here is the stepwise guide to claiming the free trial. Let’s get started.

Available Free Trial On Semrush:

Semrush offers seven days of a free trial for its subscribers, which you can easily see on the official website of Semrush. We have broken a special deal with Semrush. Use our exclusive link to get 30 days of free trial on Semrush. 

Steps To Grab Semrush 30 Days Free Trial: 

Here we have given steps that you must follow to grab a free trial of 30 days on Semrush. Let’s dive into it. 

Step#1: Using our exclusive free trial link, you will land on the 30 days free trial page. Now click on the button Start Your Free 30 Days Trial.   

Semrush 30 Days Free Trial

Step#2: Now, you will land on the page where you need to create an account. The instruction for creating an account is given on the screen. As you create an account, a confirmation code will be sent to your mail, now, copy the code and enter it to confirm your email address. 

Create Account

Step#3: In this final step, you will land on the billing page, enter the credit card details and click on Place The Order.  

Payment Detail

Hurray! You have claimed 30 days of free trial on Semrush. 

How to Get the SEMRush 7 Days Free Trial? 

SEMRush offers a 7-day free trial on the Guru and Pro Plans. To claim the 7-day free trial, follow these steps, which are as follows: 

Step #1: Visit the official website Semrush and create an account first. Now, fill in all the essential details to create the account. 

Create Your Account

Step #2: Now go to the price section and choose any plan such as Guru plan and Pro Plan to claim the offer. Once you select the desired plan based on your needs, click on “Get Free Trial.” 

Choose Trial Plan

Step #3: Make the payment. Users can pay securely through their credit cards. Fill in all the details carefully and click on Place the Order. 

Place the Order

How To Unsubscribe Semrush?

First, you will have to log into your account and then follow these steps:

Step #1: Your dashboard will look something like the one given below once you log in.


Step #2: Click on the profile icon on the top right corner.

Click on profile icon

Step #3: Click on the subscription info from the options.

Click on subscription button

If you’re on a free plan, it will look something like this.

SEMRush does offer various add-ons for you to pay for separately whenever you need them. Hence, you don’t have the limitations of the packages you subscribe to, either. You can

From the Subscription info dashboard, you can unsubscribe anytime you like.

Semrush Overview – What Is It?

Semrush has grown into the most prominent SEO research tool available online. It provides complete insights and information regarding every SEO endeavor. You can audit the pages of the competitors to take inspiration from their tactics, as well. From backlinks to the simple use of keywords, you get complete information.

That’s not all! It has an array of features, optimization tools, and research-oriented applications that make it easier for you always to stay ahead of the curve. You can optimize your websites, content, and much more to rank better. It has become more of an ace in the industry.

Semrush Overview

There isn’t any competitor entirely as accurate and thorough as Semrush. It dominates the competition. And anything that dominates the competition has the complete right to monopolize its services conveniently.

In simple words, Semrush used to offer trials as extended as 60-days, but now, it is improbable that you will ever get offers like those. With that being said, let’s find out everything related to trials and the genuine information available for you.

Semrush Key Features: 

Semrush offers lots of robust features to work with, and they were updating its tool with advanced features from time to time. Let’s have a look at its features: 

1. Keyword Research: With this feature, you can find the best keyword that supercharges your strategy of digital marketing and discover the organic keyword based on the search volume. 

2. Competitor Analysis: Now, you can improve your website performance and increase website traffic with a competitor’s winning strategy. 

3. Domain Overview: You can analyze any domain you want with a domain overview. You can also get details of authority score, backlinks, organic search traffic, and many more.  

4. Technical SEO Tool: With this feature, you can check the health of your site and get the best ideas to improve your ranking. You can also get tips on content writing, link building, and many more. 

5. Link Building: Now, you can monitor your backlink profile and easily clean it up, ensure its quality, and avoid Google penalties. 

Semrush Money Back Guarantee – 14 Days Trial

The guidelines are unclear on it, but it seems that you can turn your 7-days free trial into 14 days. Basically, after a 7-day trial, you will get charged, and the amount will deduct from your credit card. However, you will get seven additional days in the form of a money-back guarantee.

Now you can use Semrush for seven more days. If you like it, then kudos to you. If you don’t like it, you can prompt the money-back request and deactivate your plan. It’s that easy and convenient. However, they may ask for the reason, and you can give any reason you like.

So, even if you miss the deadline of the 7-days trial and get charged, you can always go back to get it revoked and refunded. That’s how you can turn it into a 14-day free trial of Semrush.

There isn’t any other method for you to achieve this.

Semrush Free Account:

By default, you will have access to Semrush’s free account. It will give you limited actions like ten searches, ten results, 100-page crawlers, and ten keyword trackers. This is virtually useless, and you won’t benefit from it even slightly. However, it is a lifetime free plan if you want to keep it. Sometimes, they send long-term uses some form of offers and discounts if they notice you haven’t used their services in a long time.

Add-Ons As You Grow –

Alternatively, even if you don’t subscribe, you can always get various add-ons from the company to make the free account paid according to your exact requirements. Yes, if you compare the amount to what you get in the Initial package for the same number, it might be a little more, but you don’t need as many. Hence, you are basically doing a top-up recharge for using a Semrush tool. It is quite a convenient feature.

Semrush Pricing Plans

Semrush offers three pricing plans that suit the needs of all users. The three plans are as follows:

Semrush Pricing Plan

Semrush Pro Plan- At $119.95 per month

The Semrush Pro plan is excellent for beginners to find the keywords, backlinks analytics, and keyword tracking. However, the plan lacks some features, such as not having historical data analysis. But it would be great for beginners. 

Semrush Guru Plan- At $229.95 per month 

Guru plan is excellent for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. By having the plan, users can search for the keywords for 15 projects and track up to 500 keywords at one time. Moreover, you can also perform backlinks analytics and keyword tracking. 

Business Plans- At $449 per month 

The business plan is excellent for the companies and needs to handle 40 projects simultaneously. Moreover, users can easily track 5000 keywords at one time and also leverage other tools. 

Keynote: – If you are satisfied with the plans, and need to do bulk research, choose the annual subscription. You can save up to 17% extra on the annual plans. 

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Now you know everything related to Semrush, and its free trials, even the free account. We have attempted to accumulate all the information from our extensive research. Therefore, we hope that it will help you in the similar way it helped us. Now you can use the above-given steps, tips, and guidelines to get your Semrush Free Trial today. There’s no doubt that it is indeed the best in class, and if you want to test it before you buy it, these are the best options available.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is There A Free Alternative To Semrush?

The best free alternative would be the Google tools you can get access to. Of course, you would have to learn these, and it wouldn’t exactly allow you a complete audit or access to the competitors. Hence, you will have limited access. Still, it is much better than Semrush’s free account. If you have money to invest, then Semrush is undoubtedly the best option, hands down.

Who Should Use Semrush?

Anyone who wants to rank higher online should use Semrush. Content creators, bloggers, article providers, and businesses should use it to calibrate their websites or other platforms. It will enable the people in the local area to find their services more conveniently.

Is Semrush Safe To Use And Trustworthy?

Yes. Semrush is a secure service provider. Many large-scale companies, including the likes of Paypal, rely on Semrush for their digital marketing endeavor. From SEO to competitive analysis, it is quite a reliable tool available for you to use.

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