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Getting things done! It is a motto of successful people and aiia’s motto too.

It is said that lost time is never found again. Here, in aiia, we understand that our clients and clients of our clients value every moment and prefer not to waste time. Therefore watches are always a good idea for promo gifts! Firstly, each promotional watch is used several times per day, so each client sees a brand logo several times per day. Secondly, they have a viral effect.

Every year companies produce over 1 billion of wristwatches. The majority of watch wholesale companies offer is simple quartz watches. However the share of design LED and smart watches is dramatically growing these days.

aiia offers several models of promotional watches for different occasions. If you are looking for a high-end promo product, then an aluminum touch-screen watch Moderntronic could be an incredible idea! Cutting-edge design, metal watch case and silicon band make it a good match for business gift, gifts for loyalty programs and promo activities or even for team-building events.

Clever Clover is another metal watch model with touch-screen technology. Its aluminum water-resistant case increases durability, while fancy design adds positive emotions!

Whatever you are looking for either a futuristic smart watch, touch-screen watch or digital watch with metal band, meet aiia’s collection of promotional watches!