Promotional products powered by emotions


Guess why have we started the global company in personalized promotional gifts industry?

Because we had an expertise in custom gifts on Central European market. Seriously. We’ve done a number of projects for large multinational and local companies. The full list of customized business gifts produced by us would make a 1000+ number. We perfectly know what our client wants and we know what consumers are dreaming about.

Because we love our job. You know, aiia is on that stage when we gained an experience and knowledge keeping safe our romanticism and passion.

And because we dream to take promotional business gifts to the level of contemporary art!

88% of companies order promotional gifts for their business at least 2 times per year. Each time they do it, they experience problem with quality and uniqueness of samples.

That’s why we invented our own blue ocean to stop fighting in the boring red ocean of branded promo gifts industry.

In aiia we produce 12 products. The collection includes high-quality personalized business gifts. Those products are created to help your business to raise and develop.

To create a perfect business gift it takes not much. First of all, one should have an idea.

Day by day we invent new ideas of personalized business giftsand polish them up. For this reason our product development team works day and night, collecting information and talking to clients to get the best insight and find the best idea for aiia’s customized gifts.

Secondly, you have to create a perfect design. It should unite purist approach towards form with high level of usability and customization options.

Thirdly, it should be a high quality product. We mean materials, finishing, interface, quality of assembly and logo printing of the promo gift. That’s why we engage our clients into prototype testing process to get feedback from our clients before we start serial production.

And last but not the least, we are crazy about what we do. The real madmen. Our philosophy is to create WOW-things. So, we can proudly say that in aiia personalized business gifts are created with love and passion.

Probably that’s our secret sauce for creation of a unique and useful product. And that’s why custom business gifts by aiia become an integral part of any advertising campaign.