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Finest Powerbank & Finder

Power Beeep combines 2 most important devices that every modern person needs - a power bank and a finder.
Thanks to an application installed on your iPhone/Android you can connect to Power Beep via bluetooth and make it beep/vibrate or light up with LED light.
Fix it to your keychain – to be able to find your keys even in most surprising spots!
And if your phone battery is going low, simply use Power Beeep to charge it.


Chief inspirational officer

Safety - this is the topic that is always on top of the charts. While promotional industry is incapable to produce highly technological safety products, we can still create gadgets that would make certain areas of your life safer. This is where powerbeep idea comes from. The proximity function will alert you if your belongings are not where they should be.


Product Specifications

micro usb

Micro Usb to
lightning adaptor

logo plate

logo plate


activation button

usb port

Usb port

Battery: 1000 mAh, Li-ion 
Output: 5V/1000 mA 
Input: 5V/880 mA 
Charging time: 2 hours 
Charging: display Red indicator lights when charging and turns off after full charge 
Interface: Micro USB 
Proximity: Bluetooth 4.0 Proximity function by LED indicator, buzzer and vibrating motor 
Finder compatible devices: Android 4.4+ and iOS devices with Bluetooth 4.0 
Material: ABS plastic + metal 
Compatibility: Support iPhone and Android 
Size: 57,4x57,4x16,5 mm



Plastic color: any color
according to Pantone

usb port

Any color

usb port

Black or white color

usb port

Any metallic color
according to palette

usb port


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Product that made app developers mad

3 times edited the beeping sound

172 hours spent on design

4 times changed mobile app design

2 nd test-model lost during PSI Fair

1 time rescued handbag stealing in café

507 times charged smartphones of aiia team when testing

3 times changed keychain lace material

10 times more mysterious than any aiia gadget