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Mobile phones have become an integral part of our everyday life. Do you remember that feeling when your phone is not working? It is a panic! You feel helpless! However it wasn't this way even 10 years ago.

Mobile era have begun in 1983, when first Motorola models were launched. Do you remember those big and heavy gadgets resembling bricks with antenna or an old-school radio? Nowadays smartphones are smaller, lighter and cheaper. Cell phones made communication quicker, simpler, easier. Development of telecommunication gave boost to a new industry and the cluster of mobile phone accessories suppliers appeared.

This industry became a new religion just in a few years. People are waiting not only for new models of smartphones but are eager to get a new device for their phone. Youngsters are crazy for cute cases and portable speakers. Business people buy external batteries and Bluetooth speakerphones. Joggers are looking for health-related mobile phone accessories. Geeks are eager to have a USB flash drive for smartphone. Everyone out of 3,3 billion of people using cell phone would love to have an accessory for their gadgets.

No matter what your core business is, mobile phone accessories are the best promotional gift ever.

Aiia understands its pretty well, that’s why we developed series of mobile phone accessories for promotional purposes.

First one is Duality. It is universal sync and charge cable in tiny and elegant body. It features an iOS lightning and a microUSB plugs, so it is a universal accessory for iPhone, Android, other smartphones (e.g. Blackberry and Windows phone), external HDDs and hands-free. There is a USB connector so you can plug it into computer or connect to circuit via USB to AC connector.

Another one is a power bank. This is an external battery of high capacity, which allows you to make up to 3 full charges of the smartphone or 1-1.5 of your tablet.

NoUFOs speaker is a wonderful accessory for mobile users as it serves as speakerphone.

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