Promotional products powered by emotions


Could you imagine that marketing activities with highest ROI are incentives involving promotional gifts? Sounds interesting. But there are some nuances.

First of all, any marketing incentive requires a good idea. On the one hand, the idea should be consistent with brand platform and insights of target audience. On the other hand, it should stand out from the communicational buzz and hit the context of consumers.

Secondly, success of promotional activities depends upon the selection of custom promotional gifts. Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) studies show that attractiveness of gifts for promotion depends upon target audience’s age, gender and ethnicity and even geography. Imagine, people prefer one type of promotional gifts in UK and absolutely different in Australia! If to say it in normal words, the best choice is though-out, useful, high-quality and engaging gifts!

And last but not the least, implementation makes more than 50% of the success. Even a standard mechanics and promotion gift can perform really good just because of perfect fulfillment! Perfect communication mix, good media planning and selection of trade centers, excellent preparation of retail chain, ideal production and logistics are really important.

Aiia is at your service when we talk about selection of unique promotional gifts and well-organized production of them. aiia knows for sure your business needs and what your clients want. We don't produce useless crap. And there is a very simple reason why.

Our corporate religion is to bring happiness with promotional gift items!

For us it means 2 things.

First of all, clients value aiia because it offers just 12 edgy products. Due to it, our clients can easily select gift for promotion. In addition each product has really short lifecycle as we sell them maximum for one year starting from the launch day. That’s why our clients are always sure the advertising gift by aiia will stand out.

Secondly, we research what end-clients prefer day-by-day, country-by-country. We offer trendy innovative things. That’s why you cannot find dull, outdated or boring stuff among aiia products. Whenever you are going to present these promo gifts –

either in UK, or in US, or in Asia – you can be sure that they are cool!

Ready to enhance your business with promotion gifts by aiia? Send a price enquiry from our site and let the whole world speak about you!