Promotional products powered by emotions


We open doors with the keys every day. We just get the key holder out of a pocket and insert a key into a keyhole and turn it. Meanwhile every bunch of keys has its own story.

Archeologists say that each prosperous citizen in the Middle Ages had the long chain for keys with coins and charms on it attached to a belt.

Today keychain is still in vogue! Some people attach silver charms, funny toys and USB flash drives to bunches of keys to express themselves. Some people use key rings to find the right key in the bag easily.

According to researches, keychain is the most popular advertising gift in the world. They are small, cheap and surprisingly useful! Promotional key chains are often used as giveaway during conference and trade shows. Wholesale key chains can be used to present to winners of contests in Facebook or company employees. Some companies order custom key chains for internal purposes: they attach them to room and locker keys to organize an access to premises.

So people willingly attach key chains to their keys, companies use them for advertising, and aiia helps both of them.

Meet aiia’s collection of promotional key chains.

Unique and unusual design of keychain by aiia is making life brighter, while technology adds extra functionality to seemingly ordinary things. For example, keychain may contain a memory card, like aiia’s NeverLose. A simple QR-code engraved or printed on the aluminum keychain Talisman turn it into the most technological give-away in the world. You may direct your customers to a website or business card.

Do you agree that keychain is an ideal promo gift? Explore aiia’s collection of promotional key rings.