Feed Your Phone: Top 7 Power Banks

Mobile internet and smartphones are now an important part of daily routine for many as well as low battery challenge.

No wonder the power banks are getting more popular day to day. Though apparel stays high in the lists of popular promotional products, gadgets are taking the market by storm. They now seem to come in all colors and designs so you can easily choose between a minimalistic metal-shelled device and a bright fancy charger. Producers offer high capacity chargers (50 000 mAh or more) and tiny SOS-chargers (1000 mAh).

Here, we’ve gathered top 7 power banks that can really prolong your phone’s battery life without causing you any trouble.

  1. Eton Rugged Rukus Solar-Powered Portable Bluetooth SoundSystem

Let’s say you need a power bank. But how about a power bank and a speaker? And all that working from solar energy? This device may not be the tiniest thing to fit into your clutch bag, but it is completely self-sufficient when it comes to energy. It seems to be shaped for beach parties with its water protection and the option of playing music while charging your device.

  1. PortronicsCharge II

This device aims to fit several nominations at once. The company claims it’s the smallest 12000mAh power bank, but it also has a number of silent yet efficient advantages like 2 USB outputs including 1A and 2.1A. This means you can charge a smaller device like your phone using the first mentioned output and simultaneously plug your tablet into the second one. Also, manufacturers say the device has multiple protections including the ones preventing over discharge, short circuit, over current and others.

  1. ALLPOWERS 50000mAh Power Bank Charger

If you really want to go crazy with the power capacity or going on a trip to the desert, this is your choice. The power bank will be able to supply energy to your phone or other gadget probably a hundred of times or more. Short circuit and over current protection also added.

  1. Carbon by EnergyBionics

Was that a watch? Oh, wait! It’s a power bank! This handy in all terms device is probably among the most convenient portable chargers. Besides, it’s almost indistinguishable from a quite stylish watch on your hand. The project has been funded at Kickstarter and is about to become a hit.

  1. Nokia DC-19 Universal Portable USB Charger

Feeling unsafe with unpredictable devices? Need something with a name? Try Nokia DC-19 portable charger. A well-designed item with quite impressive time needed for recharge of the power bank (about 200 minutes) is a powerful solution offering all its 3200mAh with a weight of just 78g.

  1. Onaji Power Card

For those who prefer tiny gadgets, there’s a slim credit-card-sized power bank. It is an emergency power for your smartphone as it adds up to 30% of charge to a device. Extra practicality: the USB connector allows to sync data from smartphones.

  1. PowerStick by aiia

Magic stick by aiia closes our list. It combines 3 functions in 1 device: power bank, pocket flashlight and stand for smartphone or tablet. It also has endurable aluminum coverage. A good variant.

Stay 100% charged,