Attention! Lots Of Handmade Inspiration!

Inspiration is extremely important thing in our life. Subconsciously, we try to surround ourselves with inspiring people, events, things, because it moves us further in our life helping to develop mentally and physically. We are constantly looking for inspiration at aiia and we must admit that we are totally in love with a handmade stuff. Why? Because everything which was made by hands was made a priori with love and this is really important. Besides, handmade items are, as a rule, eco-friendly, laconic and simple, but simultaneously genius. These things inspire us a lot and we are completely sure they can inspire you as well! So take a look at these unbelievably aaawesome items and don’t forget to write down a comment mentioning your favorite thing!

1. The Hester Lamp

Handmade in Philadelphia, The Hester Lamp is an industrial hanging pendant lamp with a vintage inspired design. Every lamp comes with a handsome unfinished brass naked socket design and has a durable cotton cording. You can get the cords in the color of your choice. By using the included 2-inch screw hook, you can use this lamp anywhere and everywhere as and when you need some extra light. The cord length is about 8 feet whereas the maximum bulb wattage you’ll get to enjoy is 100W. It’s the vintage design which makes this lamp stand out from the lot. The socket with the durable cotton cording makes an amazing combo. A pretty installation for your indoors. You can use it to relive those years from the past with a smile.

Photo by: Gadgetflow

2. Kole Thermal Flask

Flasks have been a perfect way of carrying your drinks with you for years now. With the Kole Thermal Flask, you will be able to take that experience to a completely new level. It is a flask which is handmade out of stainless steel and comes with a smooth wooden finish. Be it about storing your whiskey or your hot espresso, this flask makes an amazing one you can use to travel with your drinks as and when necessary. The design is portable and super elegant. In fact, if you wish, you can even store it in your pocket. It’s for those who can’t travel without their drinks on the go. But you won’t be needing a bulky flask to quench your thirst anymore. A pocket-sized handcrafted beauty like this will be enough.

Photo by: Thecoolector

3. Manu Nest Compact Hanging Chair by Maffam

Spend those quiet afternoons with your favorite book on this stylishly designed Manu Nest Compact Hanging Chair by Maffam. It’s not just a chic hanging chair but also a comfortable one. You can call it more of a cocoon that simply engulfs you into a zone of pleasant comfort every time. The size is compact and perfect for your home or patio. Every piece has been handmade from volcanic basalt and has a unique touch of its own. It will not only work as a comfortable chair but also compliment the beauty of your indoors at the same time. If you’re in the process of accessorizing your home or office, this could be an ideal installation you can make good use of any day.

Photo by: Noveltystreet

4. Compatriot Stool – Extra Chairs Plus a Unique Retro Art

If you think your indoor seating could do with some change, why not try the Compatriot Stools. The name refers to the unique function of the stool which can truly add that extra spark to your home interiors any day. These stools won’t just act as extra chairs for your seating space but also symbolizes an amazing form of retro art. The base has been made of powder coated steel tubes while the seat has been constructed out of clear coated solid wooden oak. Regarding the seat, it has been glued together with three custom cut solid wood pieces. The white part of the stool is painted with the black eye making the entire setup stand out. All these stools are handmade and come in different colors such as black, white, yellow and blue. Your modern home definitely needs some!

Photo by: Smithersofstamford

5. Emotion Wine Glass

Light to the touch with an elegant design, the Emotion Wine Glass will definitely add some fun to your parties. This traditional wine glass will float the contents aloft with the showy Emotion filling up from base to lip. Use it to serve your favorite wine of Champagne coupe and make the most out of your drinking times. These are borosilicate glasses that have been handmade in France and come in a set of two. Perfect to set up the mood when you’re dining out with that special someone.

Photo by: Linkis

6. Futagami Handmade Brass Bottle Opener

The unique sand-casting technique called “IHADA” goes behind the making of this exquisite Futagami Brass Bottle Opener. It’s because of this procedure that this brass bottle opener gets a sandy texture and admirable variations in color. This is a 100% solid handmade brass product which has been made in Japan that is corrosion resistant and will age beautifully with time. In fact, the patina that will form over it is definitely worth cherishing. You need not hide it in some drawer but flaunt it beside your drinks and coasters, just to use them promptly whenever required. A classic handmade design in the world of bottle openers.

Photo by: Maxandmoris

7. Walsh Firehose – Handmade Wood Carrier Bags

Stack those hefty bundles of wood and carry them smart on these Walsh Firehose Wood Carrier. They are a stylish and iconic range of handmade bags designed especially to make it easy for you to carry your wooden logs from one place to another. Handmade in the USA, these bags have a charming elegance and can hold quite a number of logs to your fireplace during those chilly winters. The design being so stylish only makes it a bag you can proudly carry outdoors!

Photo by: Wonders1638

8. Desktop Cloud – A Neon Cloud Designed For Indoor Use

Once you look at the glowing blue, hand crafted glass of the Desktop Cloud, you’re bound to feel cool after a hectic day at work. The cloud consists of a sturdy base made out of high-quality black acrylic. You can keep it on the desk, shelf, table, ledge or even at the windowsill and enjoy the neon light in the dark every day. The cloud includes a 6-foot power cord, an on/off switch and is connected to a UL certified transformer that has been housed beautifully inside the acrylic base. This cloud lamp has been specifically designed for indoor use only. The gas filled glass tube can last for up to 8 years of continuous use. Get set to give your room a dreamy makeover!

Photo by: Gadgetflow

9. Trobla

It may be small, but this easy to carry piece holds a mighty sound. This amplifier for smartphones will set the mood wherever you go. It’s your sustainable contribution to the world of entertainment electronics, where large amounts of hard to recycle e-waste are produced every year.

Photo by: Iphone-mods

10. Panda Bamboo Watch with Cork Strap

The Panda Watch features a premium minimalistic design fused with sustainable elements. Every watch is handcrafted by blending natural materials like Bamboo and Portuguese cork with a Swiss Movement internal mechanism, creating a timepiece of exceptional quality and design. This is a watch unlike any other.

Photo by: Gadgetflow

11. Walnut Analog LED Clock

Handcrafted clocks telling time in style. Inspite of reading like a watch face, the Walnut Analog LED Clock will display time using LEDs. They have been handmade out of walnut wood with the LEDs working as the modern touch in design. You can select out of the four display modes and two brightness levels with the entire clock being hand finished out of solid hardwood. They use a 9V wall adapter. You can also get the clock in Sapele and Maple finish but what’s truly amazing is the use of LEDs in a new style. Watch out for this new clock that presents the old clocks with a fantastic makeover.

Photo by: Custommade

12. House Lannister Ceramic Stein in Red with Gold Rim

A Lannister always pays his debts. This handmade ceramic stein will quench your debt of thirst! I designed this stylized mug to play with texture and color, with an overall rustic and medieval flare. The surface design is a very subtle vertical striping. On each side you’ll find the Lannister lion pressed into an unglazed crest of white stoneware. The overall glaze is a deep vibrant red, with a bit of variation due to the hand-brushed application of the glaze. This cup definitely makes a statement! The final touch of a gold luster rim is fitting since the name Lannister is essentially synonymous with gold! I make these mugs from rolled slabs, which gives them that unmistakable handmade quality. This is no dainty tea cup! It will comfortably hold a pint of ale or your venti latte.

Photo by: Etsy

13. Chunky Knit Blanket

An amazing creation with merino wool and extra large stitching. You can now add some handmade excellence to your cosy resting times by bringing this Chunky Knit Blanket. It’s quite a large blanket which is extra soft and warm because of the use of 100% merino wool. To add to this, the blanket is light and hypoallergenic too. It’s available in 5 sizes you can choose from and make your winter nights more relaxing and cosy for sure. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up in a blanket like this!

Photo by: Etsy

14. Leather Heart Bookmark

Two pieces of leather goes behind the making of this unique Leather Heart Bookmark. They will slip over the corner of your last read page but works wonders in terms of being a bookmark you’ll love to have for your goodreads. Every heart measures around 2” x 2” which have been handmade so as to make them all look different as well as unique. 100% natural leather has been used for this handmade construction in the United States by Jennifer Lesley Design. You’ll get them in glossy black, medium brown and gold. Surely a perfect gift for your sweetheart incase he/she has a thing for books!

Photo by: Gadgetflow

15. Gadget Pouch

Get your gadgets in gear: tangled wires can make electronics feel like less of a help and more of a hassle. Organize your cords, chargers and adapters with four roomy pockets and an inner zipper pouch. Fold it up, snap it shut, and get on your way. Handmade in New York City and composed of top-quality US-sourced leather, canvas and hardware. COLOR: Tan Camo. MATERIALS: Nylon body, leather trim, canvas lining. FEATURES: Inner zip pouch, four inner pockets, snap closure. DIMENSIONS: 9″ wide, 8″ high folded, 22″ high unfolded, up to 3″ deep.

Photo by: Thegadgeteer

16. Make Bike Rack

Perfect to store your bike safely indoors. Make has come up with this brilliant Bike Rack that is wall mounted and comes with a shelf to store your bike inside as well as expose it at the same time. The rack has been beautifully carved out of solid wood (you can choose from walnut or maple) and includes custom handmade bronze screw caps in order to hide the mounting screws. You can mount any bike with a maximum handlebar length of 19” on it. Bike mounting at home won’t seem a tedious job anymore.

Photo by: Pinterest

17. Woolet

A next generation wallet that keeps your cash and cards safe. Ultra slim, bluetooth-powered, self-charging & handcrafted to perfection. We set out to create the ultimate wallet to keep men’s most essential belongings safe. A no-compromises wallet that you will never lose. A smart wallet that protects your valuable cash and cards in every situation. Woolet combines the best of technology with skilled handcrafting. Miniature sensors synchronize with your smartphone to protect you in 5 different ways. Whatever the situation, you don’t need to worry. Just 9.9mm thin, yet packed with cutting-edge technology. Designed so you can live with less bulk.

Photo by: Imagazine

18. Bulb Lamp

Exposed bulb lamp, industrial concrete table lamp. Add modern simplicity and humor to your house or office with this handmade concrete exposed bulb lamp.The lamp comes with on/off clicker and cord, fits standards worldwide 100v-240v – EU plug. Customers from the US will require a standard issue adapter. Lit by hidden LED’s, it will brighten any space while keeping your electricity bills down to a minimum.

Photo by: Etsy

19. Flip and Jive

The Bourbon Barrel Board is as simple as it sounds: A skateboard made out of reclaimed bourbon barrels. The board is everything you need to shred and cruise in one eco-friendly package. We redefined the use of an upcycled material to bring you what we believe to be the most stylish board on the road. It is skateable fashion. We took advantage of the pre-existing characteristics of the barrel staves in order to simplify our design and cut out any unnecessary processes, lowering our overall footprint. The board is 29“ in length and comes in a varying width of 3.5 to 4in. We like to say the learning is in the curve, as the compound curvature hugs your foot, giving you a supreme center of gravity, and eliminates the need for grip tape!

Photo by: Gadgetflow

20. Key Hiding Rock

This Key Hiding Rock is brought to you by Uncommon Goods. It looks just like a rock because it is a real rock handmade in New Hampshire using real stones selectively picked on the New England Coast. The secret cavity in the rock is not visible from above or the sides, and you can only see it when you lift up the rock and remove the rubber stopper. You can place it along with a bunch of other rocks along your driveway, or somewhere in the garden close to the front door. It’ll be completely inconspicuous and no one will realize there’s a hide-a-key tucked in within one of the rocks. It doesn’t have to be just that one key, because the cavity has more than enough space for a keyring with spares of all your keys.

Photo by: Gadgetflow

21. Henry Eggcups

Drawing its inspiration from Henry VIII, the set of two Henry Eggcups makes your early morning breakfasts nothing but a regal encounter. Each egg cup shaped like a crown with a touch of golden finish gives your eggy delight a spirit of majestic luxury. Living the life of a royal superstar is what lies as a hidden desire amongst everyone and through this tiny egg holder, you can bring yourself close to fulfilling it at least during breakfasts. Made in England, it’s a handmade product that’s got the ultimate spirit of quirkiness you so want your kitchen utensils to showcase. Finally, there’s a chance to live life king size – especially like Henry VIII.

Photo by: Notonthehighstreet