Promotional USB Sticks & Flash Drives

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Keep memories and data safe with aiia usb

Pesonalize your corporate gifts with aiia! Here we have the perfect selection of the ideas for promotion of your company: speakers, keychains, and of course, promotional flash drives. These products are always in demand, and due to the unusual approach of Aiia to product design, your clients will be surprised with attractive and interesting gifts that you send them. Our promotional usb memory sticks will accomplish any brochure that describes your company. Engrave or imprint name of you company at the body of usb promotional flash drive and this product will become a part of the successful advertisement company that will definitely reveal you a world of successful business.

Usability and functionality

These are the main ideas that we carry in mind creating promotional usb drives. aiia products use only the best materials and substances for production to promote safety and durability of the product. We allow our customer to choose the capacity of promotional memory sticks that they order. Today both of our products are available for 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB. Making an order you may choose the capacity for each promotional usb stick and additionally customize some other options of the products.

Perfect design

Got bored from the traditional promotional usb flash drives? We have found new ideas to create a new vision of the flash drives. Simple forms and bring colors have inspired us to make products that will suit to everyone’s style. Paint Neverlose promotional usb in three colors – choose the color of the body, lace and slider. With Neverlose all data will be available with the slight movement of your fingers – it takes a half of a second to transmit any piece of information.

Candy promotional usb sticks have a unique form that you may color up according to your preferences and imprint logo onto the body of the product. Aluminum case makes Candy flash drive even more durable and it will not lose its perfect form in a several years.

Get the promotional usb sticks prices with our website and make an order to try our sample that will be sent for you. Find the best ideas for your promotional campaign with Aiia! We will help you to select the best corporate gifts that will be suitable for any occasion and any situation.