Promotional giveaways

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Probably, first promotional incentives took place in ancient Greece. Even hundred years ago merchants wanted to sell more so they had to differentiate their goods so they created special packs and included small presents. Nowadays companies are still eager to boost their sales. The most effective incentives are usually “buy a pack and get something free of charge” mechanic or “collect points and get one of promotional giveaways” mechanic.

Apart from mechanic, the key to an effective promotion incentive is unique promotional giveaways. They are to be in line with brand identity, connected to the brand platform and essential to target audience.

The gift should be customized according to the brand book to influence brand awareness. So the colors of the gift and logo printing should be exactly the same as in your brand book. The logo should be visible during usage. Thus, you can be sure that share of people that will remember your brand after campaign increases.

Connection to the brand platform means that promotional giveaways, ideas of campaign and brand values are corresponding. Imagine, how would differ sports promotional giveaways and business promotional giveaways!

Being essential to target audience is also important if you want your consumer to keep the product, to use it, to talk about it to friends and to enjoy the interaction with your brand. So, when choosing the gift remember about demography, behavior patterns, geography, why they use these category in general and your brand in particular. For instance, think how would differ sports promotional giveaways in UK and in Mexico.

At the heart of our work is an ambitious idea to add positive emotions to your life and life of your clients. There is a proverb: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Believe us, WOW promotional giveaways will never be forgotten. People will use them day by day!

So, remember that successful promotional incentives are all about consistency and go on for a WOW promotion!