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Can you imagine your life without music? We hardly imagine our lives like this, though some 150 years ago it used to be an exclusive entertainment. Today music surrounds us all day through. It seems that music is everywhere: in hotels and cafes, shopping malls and gyms, in the car and in public transport, in the shower after jogging and in SPA. However there are a lot of places and occasions when there is no music while it is in a big need.

Look, portable speakers can be used on the beach or during outdoor picnic, in the classroom during breaks or romantic walks! Some speakers may be even used as a loudspeaker! So there is quiet a number of occasions when an owner of small portable speaker will demonstrate a logo to friends or colleagues. Isn’t it cool when it is your logo there? That’s why portable mini speaker is a great promo gift.

However it is a challenge to find mini portable speaker with quality sound. Therefore aiia invests a lot of time and efforts developing high-quality advertising products. Our purpose is uniqueness and quality. aiia believes that clients should have only the best portable speakers to be sure that these products will be used all the time.

To cut a long story short, let’s talk about best portable Bluetooth speakers aiia offers. Meet NoUFOs, the loudest portable speaker in the world! It features fancy design and thought-out user experience. We even added anti-slip rubber so that it would stand still while performing the deepest beats! Apart from it, NoUFOs has a built-in microphone and a microSD card slot, so this mini Bluetooth speakercan be used as loudspeaker and MP3 player. Besides all that, it is possible to customize the color and finishing of speaker’s body, color of anti-slip rubber and even sounds it produces while switching on and off or connecting!

Another product aiia is proud of is portable speaker made of silicone called SSSSSpeaker. Its foldable silicone amplifier resembles an emergency cup and allows to change a type of sound by changing the speaker’s form. SSSSSpeaker is available in both Bluetooth and wired version (with 3.5 mm audio jack connector). For Bluetooth version we offer a logo engraving with customizable enlightening, while wired version features a printed logo with blue light around it.

If you are looking for the best portable Bluetooth speakers, come and see aiia’s collection!