Gentlemen Edition: Wish List Of 20 Fancy Items

Last week we’ve posted super-cute-adorable-lovely article about girlish stuff. In order not to be blamed in any kind of discrimination, we decided to make a so to say “Gentlemen Edition” - wish list of 20 fancy items every man would like to have. Gentlemen, we highly appreciate your opinion about items we’ve gathered here, that is why let us know which did you like the most in comments. Thanks in advance. And here we go!

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Wish-List Of 20 Fancy Items For Ladies. Approved By Ladies

Every girl is a Princess, and every Princess needs not only her Prince Charming, but also lots of things, for instance – gadgets. These absolutely adorable and cute gadgets below will help every girl or lady feel like modern Princess. Some of these gadgets can help you to find your Prince! So, don’t waste time, choose gadgets you like the most from this girlish stuff and share with us your opinion in comments!

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14 Weirdest and Fanciest USB Flash Drives Ever

There are thousands of USB Flash Drives available on the Internet but you need something really awesome and outstanding? You don’t want your flash drive to look too obvious for a flash drive? Most of them are so completely banal and boring that they don’t trigger any emotions at all. If you don’t want to have such a cliche flash drive - this post was made especially for you! We’ve gathered 14 weirdest and fanciest USB drives all over the Internet for you to choose gadget to show off.

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20 Super Awesome Gadgets You’ll Definitely Want To Have

Today gadgets became an integral part of the modern world: they facilitate life, open new opportunities, they look cool and cheer up your mood. Having smartphone without a selfie stick or a usual, boring flash drive became kind of ill mannered. For those who didn’t manage to get awesome gadgets yet, and surely for those who want to learn more about novelties in this sphere we’ve made this list of fancy and unusual gadgets!

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Spring Is Already Here!

Hey there! How are you everybody? You must be craving spring’s gentle sun and warm days! And guess what? We too! That’s why we’ve prepared for you these lovely pictures of amazing aiia promo gifts that will instantly put you in a spring mood! May your spring be bright and inspiring with aiia!

aiia CEO Andrii Klymenko: iF Design Award 2015 in Munich – One Night to Remember

Guys, as we told you before, incredible Ssssspeaker by aiia was highly praised and won iF Design Award 2015. As a part of the celebration, aiia team was invited to the iF Design Awards Night 2015 in Munich. Of course we couldn’t have missed that!

Since aiia sales team was on a business trip in Poland at the moment, I decided it might be a good idea to ask Sergei Makhno, a well-known Ukrainian architect and interior designer and a good friend of mine, to join me. So, let the journey begin!

We came to Munich a few days before the ceremony to hold a few business meetings arranged. My schedule was pretty busy, and ultimately I felt rather tired by the moment we were to attend the party.

The Magic of BMW Welt

I even thought that we just pop in to the ceremony for 5 minutes and that’s pretty much it.

No way! One glance at the BMW Welt where the ceremony occurred was enough to understand that something incredible is ahead of us!

Photo credit: 

The event brought together over 2,000 guests from the spheres of design, culture, business, politics and media. That was a benefit night of creativity and inspiration, indeed.

The Networking

I appreciate the ceremonies like this one a lot. They help build design community and encourage to do even better design projects.

It is also a good chance for networking. In particular, I met several bright design teams from Europe. In an informal atmosphere, we talked about the main trends in product design and discussed the possibility of future cooperation.

Photo credit: iF DESIGN AWARD 2015

It is quite remarkable that there were both novices and such world-famous brands as AUDI, Apple, BMW, and Samsung. Being in the company of sooo successful brands feels incredibly cool! It motivates you to reach new heights and set much higher goals.

In total, 75 iF gold award winners picked up their awards.

The Party

I can’t help saying that the whole event was organized on a high level. For sure, organizers have done the utmost to make each guest feel comfortable.

Photo credit: iF DESIGN AWARD 2015

According to the dress-code established, all the guests had to wear dress suits. But you know creative people: they love to express themselves with bright outfits. Therefore, many men had elegant bow ties on their necks. I must confess, I was no exception 

What a Surprise!

And of course no journey is great without a story to remember J Right before the ceremony, at BMW lobby, Sergei was caught by a girl from Taiwan, who turned out to be his greatest fan! Could you ever imagine that?

Well, I am not so famous yet J But, I was lucky enough to meet a few aiia customers. Having bought our Ssssspeaker before, the folks were impressed with its capabilities a lot and were happy to get to know it became a winner.

I’ve Got a Present for You

By the way, aiia’s team has prepared a lovely surprise for you, guys.

From the February 28th the winnning Ssssspeaker will be presented in the iF design Exhibition Hamburg for several months. So if you happen to be there by any chance or plan visiting CeBit nearby, be sure to make a photo and send it to I have prepared a wonderful gift for you!

Photo credit: creative-inneneinrichter

Have a great day and stay tuned!

by Andrii Klymenko, aiia CEO

Introducing Power Beeep - Power bank with Finder option

Power Beeep is now officially released!

Power Beeep is a functional combination of power bank with the finder device. What it makes is even more handy in everyday use is the absence of additional wires. In case of Power Beeep the wire is an integral part of the device, so all that you need is the device itself.

Compact. Smart. Resistant. Cool looking.
A gadget that is so easy to fall in love is.

Click here to request additional information about Power Beeep and request quote and customization

aiia is competing for Red Dot Design Award 2015

After amazing success winning an IF Design Award 2015, aiia is going to compete with hundreds of other entries at Red Dot Design Award 2015.

Red Dot stands for belonging to the best in design and business. The accolade of the Red Dot Design Award, the “Red Dot”, is an internationally recognised quality label for excellent design.

This year we are presenting 2 beautiful products to the international jury - a Talisman keychain and Powerstick - a smart combination of power bank, little torch and stand for the smartphone.

Talisman – Identify Your Brand

Talisman is a classic gift in modern execution. Solid 100% aluminum keychain with a perfect lace is a first-rate tool to bring a customer from offline to online.

The trick is in the QR-code on the front side. It easily directs your customers to your web-site or landing page.
Alternatively, you can print a barcode and replace boring loyalty cards with beautiful stylish keychains.

Talisman. Let them take your brand with you.

PowerStick – Design Excellence in everyday things

PowerStick is everything but a standard power bank. Resembling a stylish accessory performed in metallic colours, it feels so perfectly well.

At the same time, PowerStick is ever so functional. It combines a charger, a universal stand for a smartphone and a torch in one handy device.

Available in any metallic colour palette with your logo printed or engraved.

PowerStick. Pleasant to touch, great to use, indispensable for recharge.

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