11+ Best Jasper AI Alternatives In 2022 (Updated List)

Is your search for the best Jasper AI Alternative what brought you here today? If so, take a seat and read through some of our best handpicked Jasper AI alternatives to choose which suits you best.

Jasper AI Alternatives

To many writers, having an AI writing tool like Jasper AI to ease their workload might seem strange. But our team has found it to be an extremely useful tool for creating content that matters.

Even after being one of the best and oldest AI writing tools in the marketplace, Jasper AI is not the only one that can do it. Many other AI writing tools are present that claim to provide industry-leading AI-assisted writing features.

The abundance of Jasper AI alternatives is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. Hence, our team has used and researched various AI writing tools and created a list of the best Jasper AI alternatives -both free and paid.  To know about them, we will begin with an overview of the list below! 


To start with our list of the best Jasper AI alternatives, we’re going first to look at some of the best names that we’ll discuss later. Hence, below is the list of the top 6 best Jasper AI alternatives.

Jasper AI AlternativeBest For
Copy.aiBest overall Jasper AI alternative
QuillbotBest for beginners and professionals 
Smart CopyBest for copyrighters
Frase.ioBest for writing blog instructions, product descriptions, and listicles
DashwordBest for beginners
RytrBest for copywriters, who make Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Ads

List Of 11+ Best Jasper AI Alternatives

Now that you have a quick overview let us dive into the details of these Jasper AI alternatives below. 

1. Copy.ai (Free and Paid):

Copy.ai is an AI-powered writing tool that is always recommended to writers as much as Jasper AI is. As for its user base, the platform boasts of having more than a million users. The key selling point of this platform is its specialty in creating long-form blog content and regular blog posts. Using this tool, you can create your blog’s outline in seconds.

Copy.ai Overview

As per most copywriters, the platform is also apt for creating small copies, such as product descriptions, social media content, Facebook ads, and Google Ads. Its rewrite features also make it a great option for speed writing.

All the content generated by this platform is completely free from plagiarism and original. To use this platform, you can either opt for the free version or get a subscription, starting from $35/month.

2. Quillbot (Free and Paid):

Quillbot is the perfect Jasper Ai alternative if you want to get the best paraphrasing and rewriting done. You can rewrite sentences, paragraphs, and even complete articles using this platform.

Quillbot Overview

It is a great option for professional and expert writers who create multiple copies of their original content. The paraphrasing AI of the platform is second to none and provides options such as shortening or lengthening your copy.

Quillbot provides access to its complete editor, with which you can closely see exactly what Quillbot does with your content. It provides free usage for trial runs and then subscription plans, starting from $8.33/month.

3. Smart Copy (Free and Paid):

Smart Copy is an AI writing tool that is made to cater to the services of copywriters the most as it best works with sales copied and conversion writings. The website’s technical aspect allows the user to create SEO-based content, but it best serves the content made for use as Google ad copies, landing page copies, and taglines.

Smart Copy Overview

Hence, it is a platform aimed at serving the SaaS needs and helping businesses get better conversion rates. While this service may not seem like much, enterprises have thousands of landing pages, and creating copies for each of them is not a piece of cake.

Hence, with Smart Copy, businesses can make their highest converting copies much faster. The platform provides five free credit usage; after their exhaustion, you can opt for its subscription plans, starting from $49/month.

4. Frase.io (Free and Paid):

After going through multiple iterations, Frase has now grown to become a leading name in providing extreme features for content optimization and Ai writing. More than 30,00 companies officially use Frase.

Frase.io Overview

The users can easily make various content forms with its complete suite of SEO-friendly features and specific template provisions. Hence, Frase makes writing blog instructions, product descriptions, and listicles easy.

You can use all of its content creation features for free. However, by paying $35/month extra, you can also access its SEO add-ons that allow SERP data enrichment, keyword search volume, and keyword research. Its basic subscription plan starts from $44.99/month.

5. Dashword (Paid):

As a Japer AI alternative, Dashword succeeds in providing a lot of similar features and a beginner-friendly user environment. But unlike jasper AI, Dashword mainly focuses on helping the user make better content briefs and outlines.

Dashword Overview

Its AI helps save time and increase efficiency when you use it for optimizing and editing your content on various editing platforms. Additionally, they ensure it happens with their features, including rank tracking, word count calculator, recommendations, clear content score, and automated keywords reports.

Along with these features, there are also some SEO-based tools on the platform, such as a meta description generator, for serving basic SEO needs. Their basic subscription plan starts at $39/month.

6. Rytr (Free and Paid):

Rytr is a relatively new platform among its competition, but age is just a number for it. The platform focuses on serving the needs of copywriters, who make Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Ads, and many more.

Rytr Overview

Advertising content is Rytr’s expertise and is used by more than one and half million marketers, entrepreneurs, and copywriters. Its affordability just makes the platform better. If you want more inside details about Rytr, check out our in-depth Rytr Review here.

You can use the platform for free and get a limited experience, or you can opt for any of its subscription plans that suit you. Its plans start from $9/month.

7. Copysmith (Free and Paid):

Copysmith is a perfect AI content generator that is aimed to serve well-established eCommerce teams and marketing agencies. Copysmith solves the problem of preparing thousands of SKUs requiring specific product descriptions.

Copysmith Overview

Their product description templates help them generate copy that is catered toward serving SEO and ranking needs. The platform ensures your efficiency is at its best by offering a complete campaign planning feature.

Copysmith offers a free plan, and its subscription plans start from $19/month.

8. Anyword (Paid):

Anyword focuses on helping its users make content that drives better sales and conversions. Its powerful predicting analytic features help generate copies that are optimized to drive growth. This Ai tool writes for you and offers multiple iterations for the same request, from which you can choose the best result that suits your needs.

Anyword Overview

Therefore, Anyword is best for you if making sales-focused copies for platforms such as Google and Facebook is your priority. Using the media for email copywriting and marketing is also useful.

The platform provides services with a subscription plan starting at $99/month.

9. Texta (Paid):

Texta is a complete toolkit that satisfies a content marketer’s needs. The platform serves as an AI copywriting tool and can work with 20 different languages. It automates and eases the whole process of creating, researching, writing, editing, optimizing, and formatting a piece of content.

Texta Overview

Texta’s ideation features give it a step ahead of Jarvis AI. Texta provides its services only after you take its subscription, whose plans start from $4/month.

10. Writesonic (Paid):

Writesonic serves as a Jasper Ai alternative whose key area is SEO. The platform is used for creating high-quality articles, Google Ads, landing pages, e-mails, and blog posts. The platform is used by 150,000+ marketing teams around the globe.

Watersonic Overview

Write Sonic provides all the necessary features of an AI writing tool, and its SEO capabilities make it better for web writers. Its multi-user work feature also makes it appropriate for large business organizations.

Users can work using this platform after opting for one of its subscription plans, starting from $15/month.

11. Wordtune (Free and Paid):

Wordtune, for the most part, is a paragraph rewriter that optimizes the quality of your writing and makes it more readable. The best part about this program is that it also comes as a chrome extension. Therefore, you can use it on google docs or any other online writing platform.

Wordtune Overview

Copies and articles made on Wordtune are SEO and sales-based. Its text lengthening and shortening features make it great for creating multiple high-quality copies of varying sizes from the same original text.

You can work for free on this platform with a limited word count and additional features. As for their subscription plans, they start from only $9.99/month.

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Jasper AI is a great tool for rewriting, paraphrasing, and enhancing your content quality to fasten your writing process or create multiple copies of various types from a single original text. Being a renowned platform, many others provide the same services with additional features and specializations.

The list above states the name of platforms our team found best to work with if you are familiar with Jasper AI. No matter which alternative you choose, all the mentioned Jasper AI alternatives on the list will work seamlessly for your purpose. 

We hope this article helped you pick the right Jasper AI alternative. So, which one from the list are you choosing?

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