5+ Best Amazon Chrome Extensions Of 2022 (Updated List)

Amazon Chrome extensions are business savers for amazon sellers. A load of research, profit calculation, competitor analysis, SEO optimization, and more is too much to handle for anyone. However, the amazon chrome extension has taken away this load, and we cannot be thankful enough to them for being such great personal managers to us. 

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In this article, we have handpicked some of the best amazon chrome extensions for you with their overview, price, and key features. So you don’t have to spend time on the trail and testing to find out the best one for yourself. 

Said that; let’s get into the article now!

5+ Best Amazon Chrome Extensions

Are you on the go and need a quick overview? Don’t worry. We have written down the key takeaways of the five best amazon chrome extensions for you in the table below.

Amazon Chrome ExtensionKey Takeaways
Helium 10XRayBest Amazon chrome extension
Jungle Scout ExtensionBest for product research and insights
Amazon discount finderBest to find out discounted products on Amazon
Amazon Extension for chromeBest for products comparison
Amazon FBA keyword tool and optimizerBest for keyword research 

Best Amazon Chrome Extensions

If you are still unable to figure out which Amazon Chrome Extension to use, have a look over these five best amazon chrome extensions in detail here.

1. Helium 10 XRay:

Helium 10 XRay is hands down the best Amazon chrome extension. It gives you powerful marketplace insights and offers some of the best chrome extension features, including a profit calculator, sponsored ads analytics, and review insights. 

Helium 10XRay Overview

Additionally, Helium 10XRay analyzes your sales while keeping a close look over your competitors, looking over every tiny detail like how much stock they have available. 

Key features

  • Find out the most reliable suppliers on Alibaba.
  • Generates potential product marketplace demand.
  • Finds potential hot selling products for next year or season.

Price: Helium 10 XRay offers a free trial and has different pricing and plans, including the starter plan at $29/month, the platinum plan at $84/month, and the diamond plan at $209/month. It also offers an elite plan at $399/month, with a 7-day money-back guarantee. 

2. Jungle Scout Extension:

The Jungle Scout extension has world-class data research technology. You may get critical product insights from it, such as product demand, competitive data, and product projections. The extension also has an amazing feature to figure out if a product is worthwhile to invest in or not, using real-time data. 

Jungle Scout Extension

Furthermore, it also sends customer requests for product reviews to build trust among future buyers. All and all, it helps to launch, sell and find products on Amazon.

Key features

  • Customizes data view and shows the most critical data for business.
  • Adds valuable data directly on the product page.
  • Seller central homepage views graphical view of organic sales vs. PPC sales.
  • Shows monthly revenue, average daily order, historical sales data, etc

Price: Jungle scout extension offers a basic plan at $29/month, a suite plan at $49/month, and a professional plan at $84/month. You will get risk-free seven days with a money-back guarantee in each plan.

4. Amazon Discount Finder:

Amazon discount Finder is the best extension for people who love shopping but have less budget. With the Amazon discount finder, you can filter the deals on Amazon by price, discount, categories, ratings, reviews, etc. Furthermore, you can find deals with up to 99% off with the Amazon discount finder by entering your query in the search box with your desired discount.

Amazon Discount Finder

Key features:

  • Includes prime only and top brands filters.
  • Filter deals for brands separately.
  • Provides 7000+ categories and subcategories options.
  • Offers “top brands” and “made for amazon” filters in the Fashion category.

Price: The Amazon discount finder is available for free.

4. Amazon Assistant for Chrome (Free):

Amazon Assistant for Chrome

The Amazon assistant for chrome is best for comparing products. It helps buyers just as much as sellers by saving their time and money before hoping to buy any product. With the Amazon assistant for chrome, you will find new deals, exclusive offers, and a 30-day price history on Amazon product pages while shopping. Nevertheless, it also allows you to add items from different sites on your Amazon wishlist.

Key features

  • Search the product by its photo.
  • Compares Amazon rating, product Q/As, top reviews, etc.
  • Gives personalized recommendations and your recent finds.
  • Provides real-time order updates.

Price: The Amazon assistant for chrome is entirely free for use.

5. Amazon FBA Keyword Tool and Optimizer (Free)

The Amazon FBA Keyword tool and optimizer helps you find out the most searched relevant keywords in your niche with less competition. The Amazon FBA keyword tool enables you to find the competitor’s keywords you missed. Besides, it also helps you fix the Amazon-required punctuation and capitalization. 

Amazon FBA Keyword Tool and Optimizer

Furthermore, it also verifies and alerts you with your product name, product descriptions, and bullet points for any active USPTO TM. It also has some additional features like email alerts for negative feedback, category change, suppressed listing, etc.

Key features

  • GEO-Tracking for mobile keywords.
  • Filters last 30 days sales record.
  • Calculates ROI, earnings, and profit margin.
  • Organic and PPC Index checker discovers bad keywords.
  • Provides email follow-ups.

Price: The Amazon FBA keyword tool and optimizer are available for free.

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Wrapping Up!

That was it for the five best Amazon chrome extensions! If the above list overwhelms you, then we suggest trying Helium 10XRay. Nevertheless, it would help if you thought of your needs and accordingly picked the right amazon chrome extension for yourself. With the help of the above chrome extensions, your business can scale higher, gain trust among your customers, and you can generate better profit. 

Furthermore, the touch of professionalism added to your business with these extensions is undeniable, so go ahead and give them a shot. We hope the above article has helped you find out the best amazon chrome extension. 

Let us know which Amazon chrome extension is the best according to you in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you mean by chrome extensions?

Chrome extensions are small software installed to customize or extend the features of a chrome browser.

How can I remove the Amazon assistant extension from chrome?

Follow the steps below to remove amazon assistant from chrome. Open the chrome extension menu >Select “manager extension” > See the top-right corner of amazon assistant > Now tap” Remove.”

How to add extensions to chrome?

Follow the steps below to add extensions to chrome. Open the Chrome web store > Select the extension you want >Tap “Add to Chrome.” Note: Some extensions require permissions or data before tapping “Add to Chrome.”

What are the most used Chrome extensions?

Most common Chrome extensions include Google calendar, Grammarly, Loom, Hubspot sales, and LastPass.

Can extensions read my passwords?

Yes, Chrome Extensions can read your password, credit cards, and other sensitive data you fill on websites you visit after you provide them with such permission.

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