7 Best Amazon Review Checker In 2022 (UPDATED)

Are you looking for an Amazon review checker? Do you want to know which one is the best?

Finding a product on Amazon is easy, but finding the right one is tricky. Almost 90% of people read reviews before hoping to buy a product online, which is why the density of fake reviews is increasing rapidly, especially on Amazon, which has over 300 million active users to deal with this problematic situation. 

Best Amazon Review Checker

You must have tried or at least read about different Amazon review checkers but couldn’t decide what to choose. 

Don’t worry. We have got you covered! In this article, we will help you find the best Amazon review checker that is free and paid. Further, we will look over the overview, key features, and worthiness of the seven best Amazon review checkers.

So without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the article!

Best Amazon Review Checker: In a Nutshell

Do not have enough time to read the whole article? Don’t worry. Have a quick look over the best Amazon review checkers here:

  1. Fakespot: It detects unnatural reviews and gives an opinion based on grades. It is easy to use and suitable if you are looking for a free tool. However, it does not work on iOS.
  2. Review Index: It collects all the information about the electronic gadgets and appliances available on the internet to find genuine reviews. It is a free tool that provides a scoreboard for checking the review’s authenticity.
  3. AppBot: Works on sentiment analysis. It has a free version with all standard functions available for single-person use, while the paid version for teamwork is available too. It is a highly efficient Amazon review checker used by top companies for review analysis and replies.
  4. Review Monitoring: It Divides the reviews into three sections- verified, unverified, and vine. It is great for sellers who want an overview of products sold daily.
  5. Review Meta: A free Amazon review checker that detects erased and deleted reviews makes a report card to find the most genuine reviews.
  6. AMZ Insights: Filters out negative reviews with a rating of 3 or below, helps with market research, and gives a 10-day free demo.
  7. AMZ alerts: Best for Amazon sellers, protects your Amazon business, alerts sudden and unexpected negative reviews or changes to your Amazon listings.

7+ Best Amazon Review Checker For Buyers And Sellers

You might find many review checkers on the internet, but not all work in a similar way. Check out the details of the 7 Best Amazon Review checkers for buyers and sellers and see which one is the most worth using!

1. Fakespot Overview:

Fakespot Overview

Fakespot is one of our top picks when it comes to the best Amazon review checker. The tool uses AI to detect scammers, unauthentic reviews, and third-party sellers in real-time. It is available on Chrome, Firefox extension, and the Android app and exiles in checking the reliability of the online buyer’s reviews. Lastly, it gives opinions based on grades A to F so you can quickly analyze and identify fake reviews.

Key Features:

  • Saves your time and money. 
  • Easy to use on mobile as well as desktop.
  • Filters are the common keyword used in the reviews. 
  • The browser extension adds fake spot analysis whenever you lookout for a product. 
  • Advanced seller protection.

Price: Free

Our verdict:

The tool is excellent for analyzing and identifying fake reviews in no time. If you are looking for a quick solution that can be used through your mobile, Fakespot is the right tool for you. However, Apple recently removed the app from iOS after finding out inaccurate and misleading information about buyers and sellers. However, you can consider using it since it’s available for free. 

2. Review Index Overview: 

Review Index Overview

Review Index can be called a review summarizer. It collects various information through opinions, reviews, and comparisons across the internet regarding the product and summarizes. Additionally, it gives it a score out of 10 and conducts spam tests, unverified review tests, etc. The user interface of Review Index is easy to use and highly beginner-friendly, so you can be assured that you can always count on Review Index!

Key features:

  • Easy to use. All you have to do is copy-paste the URL. 
  • Meant for electronics, gadgets appliances reviews only.
  • Filters common keywords used in reviews.
  • Specially made for Amazon product reviews.
  • Offers Google Chrome plugin version.

Price: Free

Our Verdict: 

Review Index is an excellent option for people who are electronics, appliances, and gadgets lovers and looking for a detailed review check for their product on Amazon.

3. AppBot Overview:

AppBot Overview

AppBot is another popular Amazon review checker that analyzes users’ sentiments to find genuine reviews. It is best for customer analytical teams, marketing, customer support, etc. Moreover, it has both free and paid versions to use. The results after analysis are portrayed in an easy-to-understand manner which makes it efficient.

Key features:

  • Works for people from anywhere across the globe.
  • Translates reviews to the English language.
  • Measures the impact of reviews. 
  • Replies on the star rating.
  • Special Amazon review tool to improve seller performances and customer reviews. 

Price: There is a free version available. However, to unlock all the features, you will have to upgrade to the premium version starting at $39/month.

Our Verdict:

This tool is of great worth, which helps improve feedback. The free version of this review checker is sufficient for a single person’s use, while the paid version is best for an enterprise.

4. Review Monitoring Overview:

 Review Monitoring Overview

This Amazon review checker parts the customer’s review into three sections- verified, unverified, and vine. The verified reviews are the most genuine, while the vine reviews are fake. Furthermore, the unverified reviews consist of reviews that may or may not be accurate. It also helps discover the best feature of the product you are looking for to make the selection easier.

Key features:

  • Compares reviews from different websites.
  • Works for restaurants and hotel booking reviews too.
  • Saves time by customizing alerts.
  • Efficient for teamwork.
  • Extremely easy to use.

Price: The pricing details are not available as of now. However, you can use Review Monitoring by requesting the demo. The team will then provide a trial account that you can use. Once you are satisfied, you can upgrade to the paid plan.

Our verdict

Review Monitoring is one of the most loved Amazon review checkers with great accuracy. The tool is reliable and suitable for every user. Additionally, it is trusted by major companies, so one can count on its reliability. 

5. Review Meta Overview:

Review Meta Overview

Another reliable Amazon Review checker is Review Meta. It is a free tool for analysis and reviews. It is easy to use and works by copy-pasting the Amazon product URL to the search bar of the Review Meta website. Moreover, it filters out the most trusted reviews and prepares a report card with the pass, fail, and warns reviews.

 Key features:

  • Made especially for Amazon product reviews.
  • Detects deleted reviews.
  • Available for free on phone app and extension.
  • Excellent support options for users. 

Price: Free

Our verdict: 

Review Meta is definitely worth trying, considering the free functions provided. However, it sometimes disappoints the buyers and sellers by counting natural reviews as unnatural.

6. AMZ Insights Overview:

AMZ Insights Overview

AMZ insights are among the best Amazon review checkers for sellers, which filters out negative reviews. It provides more than just review checking. You can use it to find profitable products, discover competitors’ strategies, increase organic traffic, and more. Furthermore, you can also use it to search for Amazon’s best-selling keywords.

Key features:

  • Offers many other services like SEO, market research, etc.
  • Helps in competitor analysis.
  • Optimize and analyze listings to boost your sales.
  • Supports ten marketplaces.
  • Top-notch customer support.

Price: You get a 10-day free trial. Later, you have to upgrade to the paid plans starting at $39/month to $129/month.

Our verdict: AMZ Insights is an all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers with exceptional tools. It offers various solutions at an affordable price. 

7. AMZ Alert Overview:

AMZ Alert Overview

Last but not least on the list is the AMZ Alert tool. AMZ Alert is known for its ability to increase business productivity. Although it offers various other features, one of the key features includes filtering negative reviews. We suggest using AMZ Alerts if you are an Amazon seller and need the best solution to protect your Amazon listings. 

Key features:

  • Quick notifications for negative reviews, hijackers, etc.
  • Alerts engine API functionality. 
  • Protects your brand.

Price: The price starts at $0.95/per ASIN a month.

Our verdict: It’s a great choice if you are a seller looking for an Amazon review checker with extra benefits in the package.

Use Amazon Review Checker:

If you are an experienced Amazon seller, so it is very important to detect the reviews of your competitor’s product pages are fake or genuine. This tool helps you to look at negativity to identify the false so that you can make the right decision. Amazon’s fake review tool definitely saves you time and money. If any product is rated with many fake reviews that, it should be considered this product is not good to purchase. 

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Wrapping up:

That’s a wrap to our list of best Amazon Review checkers. While many of them are available for free, the premium ones are worth paying for!

If you are overwhelmed with the options and need a quick suggestion, we recommend choosing Fakespot, Review Index, or Review Meta if you are a buyer and Review Monitoring, AMZ Insight, or AppBot if you are a seller. 

We hope the above article helped decide which Amazon review checker to pick. So, which review checker have you chosen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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