What Really Defines the Quality of a Promotional Product

Every company puzzles itself with a question "What promo product should we make this time?"

Exclusive Agreements: How to Sell Unique Promo Products

Customers are more demanding than ever and selling unique promo swag is a great opportunity to stand out. But how to earn producer’s trust? How to get to the Holy Grail of exclusive rights for a product distribution?

Popular Swag Revisited: Cool Changes You Should Know About

If your business has been around for decades, you have tried everything. Probably top tens of the most popular promotional products sound like a nightmare to you. A pen, a notebook, a bag, a bottle…

How to Integrate Your Brand in the Customer's Daily Life

There's a much better option than TV and Internet ads. An option tested by generations, that works best for all generations as well - promotional products. Here's why.

Watch an Innovative Promo Product Come to Life

Here’s a story of 13 designs, 3 concepts, one unique tech promo item and what it takes to deliver a great promo product.

Now is the Time: Why Tech Promo Products are on the Rise

If you're not considering tech promo products - you are already falling behind in the industry. And here is why.

Success formula to stand out on the promotional products market.

Exclusive review by Aiia’s founder Andrew Klymenko.

How to Increase the Speed of Unique Promo Item Production

Why does it have to take so much time? What are the pitfalls you are unaware of? Let's concentrate concentrate on points, that will save your time and money on the first steps of product development.

Be the First to Boost Your Promo Campaign with Clippy

You probably wouldn’t know how it works at first, although it looks pretty stylish, don’t you think? Clippy is a one-of-a-kind invention by one of our prominent industrial designers.

Five Trends that Will Shape the Promo Products Industry in 2017

The promo products industry is in the midst of a seismic shift that will forever change the way brands communicate with their customers.

How to Get the Most out of PSI

We interviewed distributors who’ve been to the trade show from 5 to 12 years and with their answers outlined pre- on- and post-show stages with insightful points and tips to ease your next visit.

Worst Promo Products: Do You Make These Mistakes?

How to distinguish a product that will cause a zero response and attract no customers? We have made a selection of real cases and recommendations for you that illustrate the most common promo product failures.

Are These Promotional Products Really Eco-Friendly?

Caring about our planet is a trend that doesn’t go away and each year becomes more and more widespread. Unfortunately, not all products that claim to be green are actually eco-friendly.

Perfect Auto Industry Gifts for Your Next Promo Campaign

Promotional products give a great opportunity to promote your brand, show your care for loyal customers and encourage clients to work with you. What is the key element to choosing the best promotional products for the automotive industry? How to find an item that’ll suit your customers specifically?

Promotional Products Industry Trends 2018

What will this year bring us? Are there any shifts and changes on the market at all? With promotional product industry constant growth, the market gets more complicated and customers more and more demanding to the swag they get.

Top 10 Wanted Promo Products for IT industry

Choosing tech gifts for IT professionals can be a stressful task. It seems harder to pick the right giveaway, since the target audience is generally more sophisticated, and classic options don’t seem to fit. How to make your promotional product stand out in such an innovative industry?

How to Use Promotional Items Even More Effectively

Promotional merchandise is one of the oldest ways to advertise, but is it effective nowadays?

Promotional Products: Connect Your Wants with Сustomer's Needs

Companies try to find all the new ways to bring their brand values to customers’ homes. But why reinvent the wheel? All you need to do is understand how to use one of the oldest marketing tools - promotional products.

Promo industry

5 reasons why successful brands should use Teemoji AR T-shirt for their next promo campaign.

"Augmented reality is quickly becoming a more popular marketing tool for brands, which is what the Aiia TEEMOJI promotional tees look to enable with a fun, interactive design," says Michael Hemsworth in his review for TREND HUNTER.

Surefire Gift Ideas for Banking Sector

There’s no industry that can do without promotional products. But in myriads of options how to find something that will suit your business, your partners or employees?

How to Make a Viral Boom with Promotional Products

Often we think that if our product is not an exciting and fun one, it doesn't have a potential virality. Let's get rid of this misconception.

How to Interest a Brand in a Promo Product

Have you ever struggled with a new company’s skeptical attitude towards promotional products? ‘I wish I knew exactly how to prove that this works’ - is a common thought for distributors.

How To Engage Millennials With Promotional Products

‘They are accused of being entitled and narcissistic, self-interested, unfocused and lazy - but entitled is the big one.’ - Simon Sinek


Aiia announces its creative collaboration with Karim Rashid — the most famous industrial designer in all the Americas according to Time Magazine.

Top 10 Tech Promo Items that Work

How do you generate the best promo product for your clients? And how do you chose the best-fitting product for your client? First, you have to be familiar with promotional industry trends, one of them points out that promotional technology products gain popularity, and that’s no wonder.

"Put My Logo on Products" or How to Ruin Your Promo Campaign

So many articles tell you how to stand out on the market but very few explain how easily your promo campaign can go down in flames with a bad promo product branding.

7 killer ways to grow the distribution business exponentially

Must-read for the successful distributor.

Biggest Promotional Products Myths Busted

It’s unbelievable, how many of us take these myths for facts. Being part of the industry we comcentrate on daily routines, and it's getting easier to miss really big problems. Whether you are new to this industry or a hardcore professional - there are always things to learn, so take a look to find out how many misconseptions are on your list.

Last Minute Promo Products to Save the Day

They say procrastination is not that bad, but it can cause some bad consequences, especially if you are a businessperson. But even with a deadline closing in, there are last minute promo products to save the day.

Why Tech is the Future of Promotional Products Industry

Does this next paragraph sound like a horror movie plot to you? 'It is an unstoppable force that consumes bigger part of your life. It is in your home, at your workplace, it becomes part of your leisure activities. It travels with you and even watches you sleep...'

7 Tested Insurance Industry Gift Ideas

What do you do to attract new clients? How do you win over clients from your competitors? There are many ways to promote your company, but there’s one that works like a charm.

Promotional Products: How to Win Your Client’s Heart

Promotional products industry is big and diverse. Market offers many options, and it’s easy to get lost in the sea of promo swag. Should you use it at all? What kind of promotional products to choose and how to get the best of them? Finally, how to impress even the most demanding client?

It's Here: Innovative Promo Product Every Car Should Have

When was the last time you overstayed your parking time? Or lost your car in a huge parking lot? If you’re in a new city, you probably put some effort to remember where you parked your car. This unique gadget solves your problems once and for all.

How to Avoid Common Promotional Products Ordering Mistakes

Ordering promotional gifts for your company seems to be the simplest task of all. But let’s not rush this time and figure out why getting high-quality promotional products on time takes a little bit more than that.

How to Make the Most Out of Promo Product Customization

Deciding on customized promotional products think first: do you really need it? The reason to ask yourself this question is….

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